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  1. I have been diligent about my gluten intake since being diagnosed in 2000. In 2001 I somehow ingested gluten and found out when I got violently ill with projectile vomiting, passing out, sweating out of every pore in my body and then needed to sleep for a couple of hours. The reaction has happened a number of times and I have never ingested gluten on purpose. For that reason when the doctor found gluten in my blood work, I was very surprised. It seems the reasons discovered were from licking envelopes, stamps and my lipstick. I had no idea that I was ingesting gluten this way. Our disease is so sensitive and they are still discovering surces of gluten, we must be very careful. By the way, I have gained a lot of weight since I was diagnosed and am now overweight, which Dr. Green told me is not uncommon. Lucky me!
  2. I love the Triumph cards and have used them many times in my travels and locally in ethnic restaurants. You should definitely buy them, it makes it so much easier. I originally had bought the six pack when I was diagnosed but recently ordered the ten pack which covers more languages.
  3. Woodpecker is very good. I have tried a number of them and found that Woodpecker is not as sweet, more on the dry side.
  4. I agree with others that you should definitely be tested. I was diagnosed in 2000, the doctor recommended my siblings be tested but they did not feel it was necessary since they had no symptoms. In 2005, my older brother was going through testing and being treated for anemia with no improvment. Finally, they sent him for an invasive testing of the bones and found no iron in his system. After that test, he mentioned that I had Celiac was then tested and found positive for Celiac. Since living gluten free, his blood levels are good. My sister has since been tested and it was negative. In hindsight, I believe my mother must have had it since she and I had very similar 'gastro issues'; she died of colon cancer in 1985. Get tested!
  5. I have had the experience with business buffets and always talk with the chef or manager. They will have a special plate made up for me, so far have not had a problem and I am very sensitive.
  6. I have been to Puerto Vallarta a number of times and have not had a problem. I always carry my Mexican restaurant card from Triumph and everyone has always been very accomodating.
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