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  1. I have a buff colored Lab who showed up about three years ago on snowy January night and adopted me. (I tried in vain to find the owner). I took him to a vet since he seemed to have this pink itchy skin who told me to take him off of high protein dry dog food. He was about two years old. We tried it for awhile and then he kind of grew out of it. Then about a year ago he had an ear infection and another vet treated it with MalOtic and Epi-Otic to rinse ears out. No problems but he tends to lick his feet a lot and I thought it was his coloring but maybe not his feet seem kind of pinkish between his toes. Now a year later he has ear infection again and I called the vet and this gal now tells me that his ear infection maybe due to a food allergy like wheat and that I should maybe switch to something like Purina One. Why the vet didn't tell me that a year ago makes me wonder if anyone one really knows what they are talking about. So I am going to take him in again today to get ears checked and more drops and rinse but I would like to try another gluten free dry dog food. When I went to the Purina One's website they make it kind of confusing as to what products are gluten free. You have to use a pull down menu for each ingredient provided you know if that ingredient is or is not gluten free and when I search for gluten free on their site it comes up with nothing about their dry dog food. Plus from the looks of these postings Purina has some wheat gluten contamination issues and not so sure about them in general and their disclosure practices. I have two labs and I can't spend a fortune on fancy dry dog food. Does any one know of a dry gluten free dog food that can be bought at a Winco in the NW that is reasonably priced? Also do you know of any milk bones kind of thing for their teeth that is gluten free? I am very sadden by the deaths and illness for so many pets out there. But I have to admit there certainly was a part of me glad to see the media picking up on this wheat gluten issue about pet food and then it kind of led to the questions about gluten in human food supplies. I think it has started a nation wide dialogue about gluten and I think we will all benefit from that. Maybe those food manufacturers who will not help disclose for Celiacs or for folks with food allergies about gluten will rethink their policies and decide to disclose about gluten and it sources to get back market share. Or better yet to just switch to using alternatives to gluten to rid themselves of the negative feelings when folks hear the word gluten in any ingredient. I also think that this is a great time for leaders of Celiac groups to get on the air waves to talk about gluten in our food supply and how it harms so many and introduce the term Celiac to a broader audience. What is that latin term Carpe diem?
  2. I use Follow Your Heart Grapeseed Vegenaise (mayo) which is gluten, dairy, gmo and egg free and it tastes pretty good. I use one Tablespoon for every egg I need to replace in baking or cooking pancakes etc. It works. I tried the egg replacer but I like the Vegenaise better and it's easy...easy is good.
  3. I used Earth Balance too but could only find it at Wild Oats nearby and paid way too much for it. Then I found the Smart Balance one at Walmart which was so much less. Maybe it is all in my head but I like the Smart Balance better as far as taste goes and I don't remember the Earth Balance having the omega 3 and 6 in it either.
  4. Hey Stef thanks for your insights and recommendations on real german chocolate. We have to stay away from milk, egg and now we are weening out corn along with the gluten. So do you know if these german chocolates have milk in them? I live on the other side of the U.S. and not sure where to find these. Are they expensive? I like to just melt the semi sweet choc chips and put them on vanila soy ice cream or just eat them plain or melt them and mix them with nuts. I need to go eat dinner since all this chocolate talk is making me a little crazy.
  5. Update: I have heard back from Jane & Co. and they are saying all their makeup is gluten free and no cross contamination which puts it up there with Bonnie Bell. Here is the email I just received from them: Dear Deanne, Thank you so much for emailing us at Jane & Company! We
  6. I have put some posts on here if you search under Bonnie Bell and Jane Cosmetics. I give a list from Bonnie Bell all of their products that are gluten free. Also Jane & Co all of their stuff is gluten free. I have contacted most of the big named companies and so far these two not only have many gluten free items but they are the only two have come out in writing stating there is no cross contamination with their gluten free products. Many of the top companies I have contacted so far will not make that claim verbally let alone in writing. Read my posts and contact the companies for yourself.
  7. I just got an article sent to me about the former CEO of Pabst is just now heading up this gluten free brewery called Bard's Tale Beer in Lee's Summit, Missouri. Bard's Tale Beer makes its product from sorghum. They intend to give competitor Anheuser-Busch's sorghum-based beer Redbridge beer that was introduced last month some competition. The more competition the better for us. I guess this could mean some lower prices down the road perhaps and a serious approach to providing better products. I haven't tried any yet but maybe I should.
  8. Well I finally heard back from Jane & Co. and they are saying that all of their makeup is gluten free and also no chance of cc. Read for yourself: Dear Deanne, Thank you so much for emailing us at Jane & Company! We
  9. I have been talking to a Christine at Smuckers since November. They have been testing all of their products and it sounds like they wanted to be sure they gave responsible information. I talked with her late last thursday and asked her to send me an email that I could post here of all their products that so far have tested gluten free. What she had told me so far is that their low sugar jams are ok which is a product I use. Also their berry flavored pancake syrups are ok too which is another thing we use. Their Adams and Jiff and other natural peanut butters are gluten free. Also I don't have to keep Adams in the fridge anymore! If I recall correctly the problem is the jellies may contain wheat. I have had several conversations with Christine and she calls me when she finds out new updated info (she even keeps a sticky with my name and phone number on her monitor). I am very concerned about CC and so are they and they wanted to make sure that when they say it is gluten free it really is. They have gone back to their vendors and done inspections and tests. I was impressed. When I get more infor I will pass it on.
  10. I use that grapeseed Vegenaise which tastes good and I use it as an egg sustitute too. I also have tried their mozzarella cheese which was pretty good. Unfortunately I can only find these products in the pricier grocery chains like Wild Oats or Whole Foods, Fredmeyer and they are not cheap. I emailed about having to avoid gluten, dairy and egg as well as cc and got this response: Dear Deanne, Thank you for your interest in our products. Yes, our Vegan Gourmet Cheeses are egg and gluten free. The following dressings are egg, gluten, and dairy free: Sesame Dijon Dressing Sesame Miso Dressing Honey Mustard Dressing Thousand Island Dressing Creamy Garlic Dressing Lemon Herb Dressing Caesar Dressing Organic Balsamic Vinaigrette Dressing Organic Creamy Miso Ginger Dressing Organic Italian Vinaigrette Dressing We do not use any egg or egg derivatives in our facility, though we do use dairy and very small amounts of wheat. Our cheeses are run on a separate line from any dairy or gluten. Our non-dairy dressings and Vegenaise are run on the same line as dairy dressings (though no gluten is present on that line), but we are very attentive to cross-contamination issues and we thoroughly sanitize our production lines, including all equipment and utensils, between products with different allergen profiles. There is a small possibility that our products could come in contact with airborne particles of potential allergens, but we do take all necessary precautions to ensure that there is no direct contact between the products and these allergens. Please feel free to contact us if you have any additional questions. Sheena Bliss Earth Island Natural Foods/ Follow Your Heart PO Box 9400, Canoga Park, CA 91309-0400 818.725.2820 phone/818.725.2812 fax www.followyourheart.com sheena@followyourheart.com
  11. I was calling another manufacturer about gluten-free stuff and then I had to hang up cuz I was hearing Rosie talking to Elisabeth about how Elisabeth learned she was a Celiac. She was talking about how she was feeling great when she was on Survivor and away from all the gluten products and that is what preciptated her getting tested. They featured a gluten free beer from Anhauser Busch which is the first beer she has had in a long time. I hope she continues to keeps talking about this subject on air. Even if she is a republican Elizabeth if you are listening keep featuring gluten-free products. This is a great way to get the word out, support manufacturers that making gluten-free products, to convince other manufacturers there is money to be made by marketing to us.
  12. I saw them at a local Wild Oats (Pricey) and fell for the "Gluten Free" Labeling. But after we had them and my daughter complained about them then I looked closer on the back and sure enough they had a small disclaimer that there could be like small traces of gluten or something to that affect. I felt a bit dupped. Don't say gluten free if they aren't. So I wrote to them and this was their response. I do not buy them anymore suffice to say. Thank you for taking the time to write us at Van's. To clarify our allergen statement: We make all our waffle varieties, those with and without allergens, on the same irons, in the same facilities. However we have thorough sanitation procedures in place before and after making the Wheat Free Waffles (in fact throwing out the first batch), including making them on their own day, and randomly testing all allergen-free waffles for allergens, plus we strictly monitor all our processes to keep allergens out of allergen-free waffles. Another reason for the allergen statement is that the suppliers of a few of our dry mixes also make mixes in their facilities with wheat and other allergic ingredients. However we trust them, and their manufacturing processes and checks, to prevent cross-contamination in their mixes. We also require they submit certificates of wheat-free status on each shipment of their dry, wheat-free mixes. I'd like to assure you that we take every possible precaution to prevent cross contamination. Our Kosher and Organic certifications also attest to our stringent manufacturing and sanitation processes. I hope you find this information helpful. Thank you, again, for writing us at Van's. Sincerely, Kim W. Customer Support Van's International Foods and Veat, Inc. For now I make my own pancakes and waffles from the Arrowhead Mills gluten-free all purpose flour mix and it is quick and easy. I use silk soy milk for milk sub and Follow Your Heart Grapeseed Mayo as egg sub and they are really good and I can make waffles with the same mix. You could make them up ahead of time I guess and freeze them.
  13. I found this at my local Walmart and it is priced right. But most importantly it tastes good and melts and cooks nicely. Smart Balance Organic whipped buttery spread which is gluten free, non dairy which is a combo I have problems finding so far. It is also non GMO, no trans fats, non hydrogenated, 100% vegan. I love the Smart Balance (GFA Brands) products since they add omega 3's and 6's. I also use their Smart Balance Omega Natural Blend of Canola, Soy and Olive Oil for all my cooking. I can find it at my local Winco which is an employee owned grocery chain that offers some of the best prices in my area. This oil is a bit higher than regular canola oil I could buy but I like to support this company that is making great alternatives and they put the omegas in and they have good customer service. This is the second time I responded and both times I was impressed. See for yourself or contact them yourself. My most recent response: Deanne Joan Dippolito wrote: > Thank you for your interest and for taking the time to contact us regarding the products offered by GFA Brands. It is always appreciated when consumers care enough to call or write with their comments and/or questions. > > We are happy to be able to advise you that all the products offered by GFA Brands (with the exception of Smart Balance H-O cereals) are gluten free and there is no danger of cross contamination. They should cause no problem for you. > > If we may be of additional assistance, please do not hesitate to call or write. > > > Joan Dippolito > Consumer Relations > GFA Brands Inc.
  14. Clinque over the phone told me that they couldn't guarantee against cross contamination on their liquid makeup. That was specific enough for me. For me that is enough to put them on this list. I find that it is easy to ask if it is gluten free but you really need to find out about cross contamination to make sure it truly is free of gluten. I either emailed or called all the above companies and ask them first if they have a list of their gluten free products and if they can guarantee there is no cross contamination and to provide it in writting. I have had many good appropriate responses from other manufacturers that make the companies on this list look pretty bad. If you have a choice wouldn't you want to send your business to a company that is responsive and gives good disclosure and will stand behind their statements? The ones above have not show to be that sort yet. I do not think it is asking too much for a list of products that a manufacturer makes that is gluten free. If I called on every liquid makeup I would like to try and gave a UPC I would have no life at all trying to track that sort of thing. It is much easier to ask the companies for a list and then go out and track down the stuff you can use and see if it looks good on me. This is chance for them to cross sell me lots of gluten free stuff if they were smart. The good companies are prepared and "get it". The ones that don't care are obvious they don't have the lists nor do they really want to be bothered with it all or they give you half truths like yes it is gluten free but we don't guarantee it and we won't put it in writting. I guess what really burns me that they even say something is gluten free when there is a real chance there is cross contamination present and there is no disclaimer to that unless I ask about it. I put this list out there so others don't have to waste their time like I have. I have also provided info on great responses I have had and I share those as well. It is just so dang ridiculous what we have to go through to get good disclosure on stuff.
  15. I was on a hunt for safe chocolate. I contacted Ghirardelli and got this pretty good response: Dear Consumer, Thank you for your email regarding Ghirardelli Chocolate. In response to your inquiry, a majority of our products are manufactured in a gluten free facility. If there is any chance of cross contamination we would print a warning on our packaging. Please reference the allergen page on our website. In response to your inquiry, a majority of our products do contain either whole milk powder or a milk fat. Only a few products do not have a dairy ingredient in them, this would include our Unsweetened Baking Bar, Unsweetened Cocoa, Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa, hot chocolates and our Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips. If there is any chance of cross contamination we would print a warning on our packaging. Our Ghirardelli Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips do not contain any dairy ingredients. However, they do share the line with other chips which do contain either a whole milk powder or a milk fat. That is why you see the diary warning on the package. The lines are cleaned and flushed between the changing of flavors and the first two batches are disposed of. No eggs in our plant. http://www.ghirardelli.com/about/faq_products_allergy.aspx Kind regards, Shawna Ortez Senior Consumer Affairs Coordinator Ghirardelli Chocolate Company 1111 - 139th Avenue San Leandro, CA 94578 When I contacted Hershey's it was a nightmare. Starting out with their website first. I use Firefox and I am on dialup and for some reason I couldn't even get the online contact form to work. I have been on tons of manufacturers websites regarding gluten and this site was the worst to try to find anything or get it to load and I was on the low bandwidth too. They are in a class all to themselves. When I searched for recipes it would pull up tons and was not able to discern specifics. It was not helpful at all. So I finally just called them and got the royal run around. I first talked to a Catora who would tell me their cocoa was gluten free but wouldn't provide that info to me in writing. Hmmmm Then I talked with her supervisor Samantha who also couldn't put it in writing. Hmmmm Then I talked to David another one up the food chain at Hersheys who also couldn't put it in writting. Hmmmm. I think what they are doing their is wrong but also dangerous. You can argue with them until your are blue about this and they dodge and weave about disclosure on gluten. They tell you is safe and gluten free but won't send me a list of gluten free items since they say they are revising it and in another breath they say they don't want to send one out and then they change the ingredients and then people complain that they went by the old list. They won't send an email on just one product that says it is gluten free. They will tell you it is made of 100% cocoa but when pushed about their manufacturing practices and cross contamination that is where they get all wishy washy. I think they think it is legally safe to say stuff over the phone but they don't want to get caught putting anything in writting right now. Maybe that is why the online contact form didn't work. But as you can see Ghirardelli is light years ahead of Hershey's when it comes to providing safe disclosure of their ingredients to consumers. Also their website was manageable. I now need to give my Hershey products away and I advise others do as well. David at Hersheys said Celiacs are not a big enough group to make changes for. The folks at Hersheys are arrogant and want to remain stupid on this issue. So be it. We have other choices GHIRARDELLI and vote with your pocket book. But I do think they should be held accountable for telling newbie or trusting celiacs it is safe when it may not be and they end up getting sick from it. Trying is not an outcome you either do it or you don't.
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