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  1. thank you everyone for your replies, and thank you kabtoyssni for explaining what pinned means. it really is a relief to hear from other people with celiac how careful one must be. i'm new to this and it seems i'm always learning how easily i can be contaminated with gluten. i am feeling better, however, every once in awhile i get swollen again and i can't always find the culprit. any suggestions? reva.
  2. thank you for the response. yes, the baking area was paritally exposed. there's only a half wall dividing the bakeshop from the bakery in the back. i did have a drink from a closed bottle. how would that be cross contamination? unless by the worker's touching the bottle and handing it to me, and the cup i poured it into being contaminated by the worker's hands, then my touching it, etc.etc. i think i'm beginning to catch on to how truly careful i must be about flour dust being on restaurant tables, etc. the truth is that i really enjoy not having to deal with breads since they only made me crave more and more. and then i felt awful. now, at least, i do feel much better and since i haven't eaten bread or gluten in about a month, i have no cravings, am hungry at appropriate times, don't feel the need to overeat, and don't worry about being hungry if i go out for a short while. thanks again. reva.
  3. hi, i agree that this might be candida. you must take a stool test to find out. this may sound funny, but dandruff is also caused by candida and whenever my candida flairs up (i get itching on the toes if i have too many fruits), i just put some head and shoulders on the toes while i'm still in the shower and let it get rinsed off with the shower water. the itching usually stops immediately. r.
  4. hi, donna, where do you go to get tested for adrenal fatigue? i live in israel, i would need to know what kind of doctor does that type of testing? thanks, reva.
  5. hi, everyone, last night i met with friends in a coffee shop that has a bakery in the back. i felt a little tired and unfocused after 45 minutes...i had eaten before, so i only had a drind of seltzer. but, this morning, i woke up completely swollen ( stomach, hands, fingers, eyelids, face), feeling that my nasal passages were stuffed and swollen, feeling like i had a sack of potatoes on me as i lie in bed, and feeling awful. i'm new to the celiac diagnosis, and now realize that it must be the gluten in the air that caused this raction. i used to think i was crazy, but having read some of the posts here, i realize that this might be true. comments, please. thanks. as long as i'm here, what does 'pinned' mean at the beginning of cach post? what does 'toggle side panel' mean? reva.
  6. i'm new to celiac and was reading on the site about drinking wine. is wine good for celiacs? do some wines have gluten? what about grape juices? also, what should i know about lectins and salicylates. i've asked about this before in the reply portion of the site, but, i think now i figured out how to post properly. thanks, reva.
  7. what does pinned mean at the side of each topic thanks, reva.
  8. hi, everyone, thanks so much for sharing your stories. i was just diagnosed, i'm 58, and i realize that i've probably had celiac since 6th grade... anyway, i am really trying to lose weight, about 30 pounds, and have begun to count calories. i'm on the overeater's anonymous gray sheet diet which is high protein, low carb. and i'm feeling much better, although the weight is not moving all that fast. i did , however, lose inches, probably because i'm not bloated any more. also, sometimes i wake up with a swollen face, (that used to be an everyday occurrence), and i can't seem to trace it to anything that i've eaten. any advice.... and there's one more thing. i'm a little worried about the fact that i eat the same foods all the time and i'm afraid of developing an intolerance to them. i'm allergic to all dairy including goat's, peanuts, sugar, wheat (of course), and all food additives. i'll be grateful for any advice. thanks, reva.
  9. hi, everyone, i would like to add that for me the blood type diet was a real lifesaver. i was constantly feeling miserable, etc. and doctors were absolutely no help. i follow the diet very strictly and now added the gluten free aspect and i feel that that was the last piece of the puzzle for me in terms of understanding what makes me feel good and what doesn't. reva.
  10. i'm sorry for asking this seemingly unconnected question...but, how do i post a question or anything for that matter? thanks, reva.
  11. how do i post...is this working???
  12. what are lectins and salicylates, where are they found, what do i need to know about them. and any other pertinent information. i am newly diagnosed celiac and feel much better already since having eliminated all gluten from my diet. thanks, reva.
  13. [quote name='Ursula' date='Dec 16 2006, 10:58 PM']I was tested with a vega machine about five years ago by a naturopathic doctor, and the whole nightshade family scored very high. Eliminating those made a definite difference, especially eliminating tomatoes. I already knew that potatoes caused gastrointestinal problems, it was obvious, and I was limiting them. I found out about lectins and salicylates through links people posted here, and did an elimination diet to confirm my suspicions. And the most effective way to do it is through an elimination diet. Unfortunately, sometimes people have a problem with combined foods, that are not a problem if eaten separately. Those are nearly impossible to figure out on your own. One of my daughter cannot tolerate the combinations of tomatoes and meat, and potatoes and meat. She seems fine with any of them separately from each other. One of my granddaughters cannot tolerate the combination of egg and grains. Meaning that my daughter has to bake with an egg substitute so she can eat her muffins or cakes. I do suspect that my daughter really has a problem with nightshades, and my granddaughter may be gluten intolerant. I was diagnosed with an intolerance to the combination of grain and fruit. If I ate applesauce cake for instance, I'd break out in terrible hives all over within an hour or two, which would last about 24 hours and would drive me insane with the itching. If I'd scratch, they'd run together and swell. I remember my arms being bright red and terribly swollen on occasion. If I'd take Benadryl as soon as a reaction started, I could sometimes prevent that reaction. Now I know that I am intolerant to all grains, as well as most fruit. The combination was really bad. i'm very new to this having been diagnosed about a month ago. where would i go to find out what lectins and salicylates are and if i am reacting to them.[/quote]
  14. i am new to the forum having just recently been diagnosed with celiac. i am gluten free for 3 weeks now, however, i DID have major itching...and that was due to candida. to diagnose candida you need a stool test...and there is a connection between wheat and candida as all grains are carbohydrate and turn into sugar which feeds the candida and makes it grow to unhealthy proportions. even though i've successfully diminished my candida with diet, i noticed that if i had any grains the itching immediately returned. good luck, reva.
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