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  1. Castor, I had Darkfield Microscopy done on my blood as well by an ND. Those little white dots floating around were probably yeast/candida and I too saw with my very own eyes parisites swimming around. My ND called them 'blood parasites" but I know now they were lyme by all the pictures I compared. My red blood cells were very clumped and sticking together. Scotty, Are you taking a probiotic at least 2x a day at least 2 hrs before or after abx? This is important. Also make sure your probiotic is dairy free if you have problems with dairy. Also rule out prostititis sp? or BPH. Lyme loves the prostate. My Dad had to have his prostate taken out probably due to chronic untreated lyme.
  2. Hi Andrea. Could you please email me Carla's blog link? Thanks
  3. Yes stress flares my Lyme. Also stress causes you adrenals to work harder and many people with Lyme have adrenal fatigue or exhaustion which makes dealing with the smallest of stress almost impossible. When I;m stressed I often get the chills w/o fever, fatigue, severe brain fog, aches and pains throughout my whole body and a very hot flushed feeling in my body.
  4. I sure have had those electrical feelings. I've had them sence childhood. It would be a huge jolt of pain in my neck then go away. This grew into constant pain in my cervicals as I got older. The pain is constant around the C5 area and shoots up into my occipital (back of head). I get tingly. prickly feelings all over and get the buzzing, electrical feeling more at night when in bed. I always thought before Lyme that it was Restless leg syndrome but Lyme is definitly invoulved. Some times I feel my body can't shut down, other times I feel like bugs are crawling inside my bones. I have all the jaw, cracky bones stuff too, but much better after 4 months Lyme treatment
  5. Susie, Sorry to hear your getting the run around. When you see your LLMD you can list what Dr.s receive info concerning your treatment. I opted not to have info sent to my PCP for lots of reasons. I don't see him anyway and would only see him if I broke my leg. He's the one who diagnosed me with CFS and Fibro after a 3 minute visit and offered my all kinds of drugs to "fix me up" As far as I know only the Dr's you list will know your medical information. Question... How to you calculate your herx cycle. I have a flare on Day 1 of my monthly cycle it lasts about 4 days, so does that mean I herx every 24 days? if my monthly period cycle is every 28 days? Is my understanding correct? I'm doing pretty good btw about 60 percent now. About 40 percent 2 months ago. I may go for the bicillin shots in a couple weeks if I stop progressing. Be Well.
  6. I ordered my second round HW. Ordered on 5/10. Shipped on 5/13 and arrived 5/15. I was amazed at how fast they did my custom order. This time I got extra strength without cascara sagrada and psyllium. We'll see how it goes second time round Did the last one in January with good results. I think I'll start next week.
  7. Sarah, Sorry about Ezra. Definetly get treatment right away to erradicate it quickly. It can be done if treated very promptly. Susie, Yeah! You got the lab slip signed! Wow good news! Keep us posted! If you don't hear in two weeks give your Dr. a call because if they thing it's negative they may never call you. And make sure you get copies, both the IgG and IgM. Take Care
  8. LMA, What helps my horrid constipation is stuff called 3MA. It's Magnesium Oxide. I take 6 of those babies almost every night except when I'm taking my DMSA for my heavy metals. This has helped more than anything so far. It's made by Lane Medical. I get it through my health practioner. Also a cup of Rhubarb tea. Don't know if you can tolerate this but this helps. Also don't forget the big E (enema) if things just arn't movin for ya. I resort to this on occasion and it really helps. My GI symptoms are one of the most pronounced of my Lyme symptoms, behind the cognitive disfunctioning. hth
  9. Yes I recall there are some Canadians on Lymenet who have Lyme. I think Peacesoul is one of them. You could browse around over there and check it out and pm some fellow Canadians and you'll gets lots of good advise. hth
  10. Hi Fedora. Thank you so much for thinking of my dd. My dd is exactly the same way you use to be. The only thing she can eat if she doesn't eat that very minute and gets sick is a banana. Weird huh? It surely sounds like a sugar low doesn't it? Thanks again, and I agree with what Carla said above.
  11. Hi again LMA, I talked to my LLMD about my kids IgeneX results, and he said "they were not remarkable", to not treat unless something really changed. My 6yo d has frequent tummy aches, odd aches and pains, has to eat in a seconds notice when she is hungry or gets ill that she can't eat. (I can't figure that one out?) So... this could be anything, not just Lyme. My 8yo s has stuttering, stammering speech which is not getting better. He has poor word recall, and comprehension when reading. His is somewhat uncoordinated. example, doesn't know how to skip, or pump his legs on a swing set. He's almost 9 now. He also cannot read block form, his books he reads have to have well spaced letters and lines or he runs it all together leaving out words and adding his own. This too can be other things but he had several positive and IND on his Western blot but not enough to be IgeneX positive. If it continues I may call another LLMD and see what he thinks. HTH Take care
  12. Hi LMA, I can totally relate. I have 3 little ones to care for with Lyme, it's not fun. I have had many of the symptoms you have including a enlarged spleenic artery. I hope you are able to get the best of care with a LLMD. I went far too long without one. I am now on the road to recovery. On abx 2 months and feeling tons better but a ways to go yet. Take Care
  13. Hi Susie It really is worth it tho it is expensive. I don't know how much you already have invested in your health, but I have spent 10 years of my life searching, spending tons of money for treatments that never lasted. Seeing Chiros, Accupuncture, GI Drs, Orthopedic Drs. Holistic Drs. Naturalpaths, cranial, and osteopathic treatments, tmj specialists, the list really goes on and on. Trying all kinds of diets yada yada yada The past two weeks have been about the best days I've had in 10 years. My energy has returned and I can read a childrens book to my kids. I worked outside today getting ready for the garden, and ran a couple errands and I was not totally wiped out. I don't have anxiety 24/7 anymore and I don't have those severe mood swings anymore. I'm not 100% yet but I'm getting there. Oh how I wished I had found my llmd 10 years ago. I could have had fond memories of early motherhood, and saved some money for something other than Drs. I'm spending now but hopefully not for long. Check with your insurance. My ins paid for lab fees, and a good portion of scripts. Malarone was my most expensive at 50 bucks, and everything else is 5 bucks. We travel 5 1/2 hours by car to see Dr. H. It really isn't that bad. Hubby and I get a chance to be alone, except the last time my 4yo came cuz she was a little sick and couldn't leave her. She had a ball. We stayed in a nearby hotel at 80 bucks a night. I know others who travel all in one day and do fine. I do a phone consult next month so we don't have to fork out for that. If you have any other specific questions please feel free to pm me.
  14. Yeah right?????? and if you lived in NJ, the Dr. would say there no lyme in NJ, it's more likely if you lived in NY. Duh????? Clueless I say.
  15. Susie, Don't be discouraged. I expected that this would happen. It's happened to me multiple times and sometimes it wasn't so pretty. I had one Dr. tell me that my fibro was not curable and I needed drugs for the rest of my life, and that diet would have no bearing on my recovery. He wouldn't even offer the standard lyme test. Lyme is in NY. All one needs to do is look on the CDC map for lyme to see. Vets in the area are diagnosing higher numbers of animals with lyme. I just went to the vet the other day for some flea stuff and I asked and they said they had several cases of lyme last year, but none yet this year. You will find no sympathy or expertise at Strong hospital. They deny it is here. IMO I wouldn't go and waste my time or money. I'd go straight to a llmd. I've run around in circles for 9 years trying to find answers and now well on my way to recovery.
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