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  1. Sorry but this might be a long read. Hello ALL! I'm new around here, but I'll be visiting a lot now that I may be diagnosed with Celiac. I just got my blood test back, from a eurologist, and it says I have antibodies that are fighting gluten in my body..so I'm being sent to a gastrologist. So I immediatly searched the net and found this site. For years, I would say the past 7 or 8 I've been having the weirdest symptoms. My symptom have always been related to my head and central nervous symptom--never my stomach or intestines--so I always thought what I had had to do with my head. I thought I had MS for the longest time and doctors couldn't diagnose it. I've been coping, not going to the doctors, because my symptoms would come and go ... and I really couldn't explain some of them. So I'd go to the emergency room every now and again or my real doctor, and because my symptoms weren't classic, no one ever thought it could be Celiac, or even suggested it. So I researched my symptoms on the net and I'd been trying to eliminate certain things from my diet, because I thought that it might help. First it was Aspertame, that did help a bit, then just recently, it was MSG, and that seemed to help, well of course until I ate a piece of bread or something with gluten. Right now, I'm really scared that since this has gone undiagnosed for so long I may have really damaged myself... I hope not, but I'm also really relieved! If I can finally find the reason why I'm dizzy, have pins and needles, balance issues, foggy head, chest pains, vertigo, then I really don't care about giving up gluten I suffered for far too long. So I've read that if it goes undiagnosed it may cause other food allergies, is this true? I ask because I have been two days without gluten, yesterday and today, but when I ate some organic peanut butter yesterday, I had a bad reaction, with my head...I honestly just hate eating because I hate the reactions. Thanks for this site! Scott
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