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  1. I just wanted to share what I did for a pumpkin pie crust. I crushed a bag of gluten free ginger snaps and mixed it with melted butter. I spread it in the pie plate and otherwise did the pie filling as always. I use the recipe on the Libby's pumpkin can. I also have just made a "pie" with the filling, no crust. I cook it as directed on the can. Everyone in the family said they actually preferred the cookie crust to the regular pie crust, and requested it this way for Thanksgiving this year.
  2. Does anyone have restaurant suggestions for Cocoa Beach and St. Augustine Florida? Thanks in advance Suze
  3. My hip has been hurting (almost constant sharp pain radiating to knee) for about a month. I have a bad back so it does hurt off and on for years. But today most of my joints ache/weak. Shoulders, elbows, wrists, ankles, neck. Especially my wrists. Now I'm wondering if the hip is related. These aches are new. I made a huge mistake and was most likely glutened. But I had no immediate reaction. It has been 3 and 4 days ago that I was out of town and ate at unfamiliar restaraunts. I am wondering if anyone else has the joint aches and weakness from eating gluten? Or is it unrelated and I have a "wonderful new problem" to think about? Thanks!
  4. Just a heads up about a drug manufacturer. Watson Pharmaceuticals is not a gluten free facility! I spoke with a pharmacist there this morning and she said "we don't test any of our products for gluten." I take a generic fiorinal that is manufactured by them. I have been getting a reaction similar to a gluten reaction from other sources - increased heart rate/heart pounding. I will no longer take them, since they don't know what's in the pill.
  5. OK, I believe I glutened or caseined myself a week ago. I am still sick! How long can this last???
  6. I also get mouth, or should I say tongue, irritations. I have a geographic tongue and when I get a trace amount of gluten - such as second hand beer from kissing, my tongue gets circles and ridges and it is tender. This is always my first and sometimes only sympton of being glutened.
  7. I am casein intolerant and have gone very light on the casein, but have not given it up completely. Last March I went gluten free and casein light. For the first time since March I ate cottage cheese. Only 1/2 cup. Within minutes my tongue was sore (geographic tongue) and today I have undereye bags, hand is numb, lump in throat, chest/back pressure, rapid pounding heart beat and cramping stomach (not intestines). Very same symptoms as when I was gluttened! Could the cottage cheese have done this? The only other possibility would be the egg drop soup (I gave in to a craving) I ate from the chinese place the day before yesterday. But what could that have in it? Anyone have ideas about casein symptoms? Are they the same as Gluten symptoms? Thanks
  8. The Anhieser Bush Redbridge beer is gluten free. It is sorghum based. It actually tastes good. I don't know if bars/rest carry it, but it is at my local ABC package store and it doesn't cost anymore than the other beers.
  9. I fell extremely lucky in finding my current partner (the first since being diagnosed and hopefully the last ). She found out on our first date and has been very thoughtful ever since. When she cooks us dinner she really goes the extra mile looking for foods/recipes that don't have any gluten. And at resteraunts she is more concerned than I am, actually. She's very understanding. She knew immediately when I said I couldn't eat a breaded mozerella stick on our first date that I had a gluten intolerance problem. She recently had a friend diagnosed with Celiac, so maybe that's why, but it impressed me. We also went to the beach with people I don't know and they also new about gluten intolerance and they went out of their way to have safe foods in the condo for me to eat. A new coworker was going to make an eggplant dish, but didn't because she knew I wouldn't be able to eat it. I think more and more people are learning about this and I hope it will only get easier for us to meet folks who are understanding - at work and in social relationships.
  10. I have been "fighting" a vaginal yeast infection for a little while now. Had my 2nd treatment on Monday. Could being glutened cause a vaginal candidiasis? I have been glutened twice accidently in August. And my new partner is a beer drinker. Without brushing teeth between beers and kissing, etc, could this be causing my problems? Any ideas??? I can't figure this out. I have only had a yeast infection one other time - years - ago! Thanks in advance for your ideas on this.
  11. Terrible stomach pains/cramps and incredible nausea were my most distressing physical symptoms. I would also litterally have to eat every 2 hours because of the intense hunger. Yet I lost weight. I had to tell the doc it is the actual stomach, not my intestines. When I would say stomach, the docs would automatically think I was talking about abdomen. I am glad to report that I am no longer having the stomach pain/nausea. And I am also no longer starving to death. If that, alone, was all that was "fixed" by my going gluten free it would be enough to keep me on this diet for life. Anyway, it has been 4 1/2 months gluten-free and when people ask how I am, I honestly answer them Great! I can't wait to have bloodwork drawn again to see how my thyroid and iron def anemia are doing.
  12. Is this daily? Thank you, it does help.
  13. I used to take B12 1000mcg monthly by injection, but decided to skip it last month in hopes that I didn't need it anymore. Well, I think I do. The exhaustion finally hit me yesterday. I would like to try the pill form before going back to the shots. I've been doing the shots since 2004. Anyway, I remember a thread about B12, and wonder if the folks who take it can pass on the brand and possibly dosage they are taking. Thanks
  14. You certainly won't be alone in asking for the gluten-free foods. My adult dtr and I are going to be at Disney World the week of June 17th! I emailed (the person to e-mail is in earlier posts about DW. I can't remember her e-mail address now.) I was e-mailed back resteraunts and foods available at all the parks and our resort we're staying at. I did call and make reservations for 2 places. I am actually more excited about the food than anything else. Well, not more excited, but close. Have a great trip!
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