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  1. The Cravings Place makes a yeast free mix, (gluten, potato, wheat, nut, egg, and dairy free too) Surprisingly not taste free. There are a bunch of recipes on the back to make different types of bread/muffins. The pumpkin was delicious. It's called Create your Own quick bread and muffin mix. They have a cinnamon crumble coffeecake that makes up great muffins. I use those for a quick breakfast on the go. Several people have mentioned Chebe. They have a Cinnamon Roll-up mix that is yeast, gluten, casein, lactose free. I haven't found anything pre-made that tasted halfway decent except Ener-g tapioca dinner rolls *improved* At least they realized improvement was needed.
  2. ...for boarding up your windows?
  3. Could be eggs. I have that reaction to mayo. I switched to Vegenaise- gluten, dairy, egg free- but actually pretty good. Has a zing like Best Foods. Sorry you got sick :/
  4. I'll be in Albuquerque, NM soon on a short trip. Can anyone recommend a gluten free restaurant there or the nearby surrounding area? I haven't eaten out since I've been diagnosed in December and will likely bring stuff with me to eat since it is only a few days but knowing I have some options since my bf will be with me and I will be meeting up with friends (all non-celiacs but cool and understanding) would be nice. If you have any suggestions I would appreciate it, Thanks, Kary
  5. I second the pilates. I got a Gaim pilates DVD from Target that focuses on the hips and thighs. I'm down several sizes without a lot of weight loss so it is tightening me up. I also like those elastic resistance stretch bands. You can use those to target about any muscle you want.
  6. I discovered a new, I think it is new, gluten-free product line at a local store that also caters to multiple food intolerances. It's called The Cravings Place and is available in the northwest at Fred Meyer stores that have an organics section. There are also a few online places that carry it or their site, www.thecravingsplace.com Their products are gluten, wheat, dairy, egg, and nut free. They also don't have potato starch which is what bothers me in other brands I've tried. I plan on trying the rest of the line but I've only yet tried the ooey gooey chocolatey brownies- super yum If this is advertising, I'm sorry, I'm in no way affiliated with this product. I was just happy to find something good that I could eat and thought others might like it as well.
  7. I don't know that all litters do but ours was an all natural 100% wheat litter called Wheat Scoop. You would think that would have registered with me as a problem but this is new and I was thinking more in terms of things I eat. I swapped it out for corn litter.
  8. I've been gluten free about the same amount of time as you. Ten years ago or so I had really thick hair but towards the end (beginning of December) it was super thin, embarrassingly so, from lots of hair loss. It has since started coming back and the hair that was hanging on has thickened up and grown. The new hair is coming in rather quickly which is nice since it's quite noticeable and standing straight on end like a baby's "whalespout" hair style. It's also turning more red in color- it used to be pale brown to dark blond. It can do whatever it likes as long as it keeps coming back in healthy
  9. I'm sorry you had such a bad experience. The comment that "you aren't eating it" is ignorant. I wasn't snacking out of my cat's litterbox but it was making me sick (100% wheat litter) I was also getting rashes on the underside of my forearms where the cats walk on the armrests of my desk chair. I've also had a scaly rash on my scalp for a long time that has about gone away since switching out hair and makeup products that had wheat germ oil/gluten products in them. I've had bad skin since I was a teen. Being gluten-free for a few months and using different skin care products has given me clear skin for the first time ever and I've tried everything including prescription treatments. I'm using MyChelle products now. I tried their sample pack and fell in love with it. There are several good lotions available depending on your skin type. I get it locally but here is their site if you are interested www.mychelleusa.com Oh, and I'm new, hi. Not sure if there is an official intro somewhere, this thread just made me bold enough to post. I'm really happy to find so much good info and discussion. Thank you.
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