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  1. Anyone hear of something called Robert's Formula? Does it work, where do you get it? Also I started probiotics but I feel like they make me worse, anyone have a bad reaction to pro biotics or am I just being pariniod..? Ive been drinking aloe juice and taking fish oil which seems to help...Thank you all for your suggestions
  2. Thank you for the suggestions, I will try the ginger and bland foods and let you know how it goes...
  3. Can anyone give me some ideas about dealing with inflammation and relapses. I have been on the diet for about a year and am typically pretty good, but I have had a few relapses mostly because of being unaware of ingredients in food at parties or restaurants. I have read a few things about taking charcoal if you accidentally ingest some gluten but have no idea where to get this and what to ask for. I am also trying aloe juice. I as glad to find this board and hope to contribute back at some point. Any guidance from you long timers would be appreciated....
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