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  1. What makes this different than a meringue? How does the inside stay fluffy when a meringue gets crispy all the way through? I've always wanted to make a pavlova but then I think about how I don't like meringue cookies and wonder if it's worth it. The pictures of Pavlovas that I"ve seen sure are pretty though
  2. I am very excited to try the bagels (after Passover of course!) I haven't had a decent gluten-free bagel. The Enjoy Life ones are awful and don't deserve to even be called "bagels".
  3. I just e-mailed this list of links to a friend so I thought I might as well share them here, too. Gluten-Free Passover Recipe Round-up 2007 http://glutenfreebay.blogspot.com/2007/03/...pe-roundup.html Manischewitz Passover Substitutions http://www.manischewitz.com/entertaining/passover4.php gluten-free Matzah Recipe http://www.recipezaar.com/215585 Passover Brownies http://www.fitnessandfreebies.com/wheatfree/wf65.html No-Fuss Chocolate Cake http://www.jewish-food.org/recipes/pascak41.htm Gluten-Free Pesach Noodle Kugel http://glutenfreebay.blogspot.com/2007/03/...-kugel-for.html Gluten-Free Passover Recipes Cookbook http://www.recipezaar.com/cookbook.php?bookid=112835 The two most recent recipes on Gluten-Free Goddess are also kosher for Passover Celiac.com has some listed, but almost none are actually kosher for Passover Does anyone have any favorite gluten-free Passover recipes they want to share? Specifically I would love breakfast recipes... Pancakes, hot cereal, egg dishes, etc. Also I would love different tzimmes ideas, and any desserts that don't involve processed sugar. Any ideas? Thanks!
  4. I am so confused. Some of their stuff says it's made in the same facility as gluten, some says it was made on the same line... And one thing I looked at yesterday says neither - when it lists the potential allergens after the ingredients, it just says "Soy." Does that mean it's safe? Or have you all had problems even with their stuff that doens't say it was made on a shared line?
  5. So wait... Do you have to rinse Ancient Harvest quinoa or not? I thought it was pre-rinsed, I've never thought it tasted bad... Hm. Guess I will start rinsing that Ancient Harvest and Trader Joe's quinoa (The two brands I use) and see if they taste better. I like quinoa as you can see from my nickname - But I like it best with lots of flavoring, for instance I"ll make it in chicken or vegetable stock rather than water and add nuts and veggies and sauteed onions and garlic. For breakfast I"ll have hot quinoa flakes but add a lot of cinnamon and raisins and stuff.
  6. I read something today that said that 0-2ppm is not even testable - That the lowest amount that's testable is 3ppm. So I suggested that 3ppm be the allowable limit. I'm not concerned about eating one thing that is 20ppm - I'm concerned about the cumulative effects of eating SEVERAL things each day that might have 20ppm.
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