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  1. After years of being told I had IBS, with no hope but eating more fiber, I had a doctor try a blood work for celiac. The results we're mixed, but I tried a gluten free diet anyway and felt great relief after about 7 weeks. At this point I finnally saw the specialist and he insisted it was just stress and IBS and I needed fiber and exercise, but would do biopsy to be sure. But I had to go back on gluten diet to get correct diagnosis. Well I starting eating large portions of whole wheat and pasta. I still felt good for about 6 weeks and starting thinking I was not celiac, but the symtoms came back full force then. Well the results came back from lab, and biopsy showed celiac. Now 2.5 months later gluten free with only minor relief. I can't help but wonder if it was easier to heal from my normal amount of gluten diet, compared to my 3 times a day whole wheat diet because I wanted to be sure to get clear test results. I am very much regretting that. Anyone else feel that certain foods are harder to heal from?
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