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    I am a writer, avid reader, artist, and new blogger, living gluten-free in the USA.
  1. I feel like I am more sensitive now that I've been gluten free for years. Although eating gluten free leaves me with absolutely no awarenesses of my digestive system now (yay!) so it would make sense that even small amounts would be more noticeable as opposed to before when I was always feeing sick in the gut in some way. Hmmm, does that make any sense?
  2. Hi sweetfudge, thanks for the crust recipe! By the way, as I was looking at the cheesecake recipe on my blog I realized I should have had 1/2 cup butter, or one stick, not 1/4 cup. I doubled the original graham cracker amount, oops
  3. I adapted a recipe for cheesecake to make it gluten-free for my book club and it was out of this world good. I'm not even the biggest cheesecake fan, but I wanted to make something that I could eat with my friends, but that wouldn't obviously be gluten-free (and not as good as the "normal people" recipe). Anyway, it turned out better than I could have imagined and several ladies wanted the recipe. I put a picture of it along with the recipe on my blog if you're interested. I'm planning to make it for Thanksgiving along with the old pumpkin pie standby. Anyone have a good pie crust mix? I haven't had pumpkin pie in ages
  4. Wow, I might need to make them. I was going to Champps with my husband every Saturday to watch sports and eat their homemade corn chips. My health began sliding and I finally asked whether they used a dedicated fryer for the chips (I didn't want to know in a way, I loved them so much!) and of course they didn't, and did not seem interested in doing so. So that ended our Saturday routine but my health did improve once I quit poisoning myself, duh! Anyway, since we miss the homemade taste so much maybe we should try making our own, I always thought it would be too much trouble
  5. There are sooo many gluten-free breads now Geeze, you can still have your sandwiches! Especially those like the BLT that you toast. Most gluten-free breads are best toasted unless you make them or buy them fresh. I even had a PB&J the other day on slightly toasted bread and it really hit the spot. Experiment with different brands until you find one you like There's no doubt you have to change your eating habits and be more opened minded as to what is "good" food and what is "bad". But it's worth it to feel better!
  6. I second that Meredith, who needs all that greasy fast food anyway!
  7. Yes, the waffles were Vans, and I checked the box, I hadn't bought the wrong ones. I do wish they made the gluten-free box more distinctive though. I've been gluten-free for several years, although I wasn't really strict in terms of hidden glutens and going out to eat until about six months ago when I figured out that I'd been getting glutened every weekend at our favorite hangout. The corn chips we loved were cooked in glutened oil. My health was on a gradual down turn until we stopped going there for few weeks because my husband was sick. My gut got better and the light blub went off! Now we eat out less and when we do we try to go where they have a gluten-free menu so it's safer.
  8. Hi guys, I'm feeling crummy today, like I do when I've been glutened. I've been so careful lately so it really bugs me that I feel bad. Is bacon usually safe? We had Vans gluten-free waffles last night and bacon (that was frozen because it had no nitrites) and I woke up sick. Sometimes if I'm careless, or eating out a lot, this happens and I can accept it, but when I've been "good" it really makes me feel like pouting, it's not fair!
  9. It's funny but when we go out to eat the waitperson invariably puts the bread basket down in front of me...after I've already handed him my little restaurant card and asked him to speak to the chef! I get a big whiff of that sweet, hot bread scent and then my husband (or an aware friend) snatches the basket away. On the outside I laugh it off, there are worse problems of course, but on the inside I certainly do envy my tablemates who can sit down and eat whatever they want at a restaurant. I started a visualization technique a couple of years ago that helps, when I see wheat laden food I superimpose (in my head) the word POISON over it, it sounds silly but it really did help change how I looked at food
  10. Oops, just looked in the freezer, have some Joan's I haven't baked yet! I'm so lazy, I'll pop some in the oven ASAP! I did have her English muffins already, I love them. I'm guessing I heard about her stuff here, oh well, they say the mind is the first thing to go
  11. I'll check at Trader Joes, I don't go there too often but I'm happy to track down more gluten-free products. I've never had Joan's either, I wonder who carries them??? Have to google them and see
  12. I am thrilled to see gluten intolerence in any form in the mainstream media, yay!
  13. I just loaded up my freezer (again) with Glutinos gluten-free bagels. Don't buy the big ones, get the smaller ones (I like the poppy seed) in the packages with the gold foil on the back. They are so good (toasted, of course) you could serve them to "normal" people and they wouldn't know. They are lighter than the real thing, which is actually good. All that gluten just makes real bagels so heavy and gooey.
  14. I know it's easier to have that piece of paper that says you can't eat gluten, but not everyone gets results that are conclusive. Go gluten-free, if you feel better, that is the best indicator of whether your body gets poisoned by gluten, period.
  15. Sorry to hear you're feeling so crummy. I haven't had the weight gain issue, maybe you are retaining water? You may also have other issues going on, we tend to ascribe everthing thing to diet when we have these problems
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