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  1. Sorry the thank you is so late!! Ive been away! Thank you very much for both of the responses I very much appreciate it!
  2. Hi All! I am new to this board and new to this whole gluten thing. I haven't been diagnosed but was told by my doctor to go gluten free. Which I have done for a week now. The first few days I felt incredible and my tummy was very happy! However, the last few days I have felt just awful!! My stomach and bowels are upset and I am just dragging energy wise. I also have some kind of rash that is coming and going this week. Is it usual to get worse before you get better or do you think the DR. is barking up the wrong tree? Maybe its just too soon to tell. But I felt so great the first few days. I am just so confused. I would appreciate any advice anyone has to offer. Thank you.
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