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  1. Hi there, I am sure that lots of people have asked this quesiton but i have not, so here goes. As a small child i was diagnosed, with all the obvious symptoms, with Celiac disease, and was gluten free for years. Parents gave up on this and eventually i integrated all food into diet. Don't know if i was ever tested or just the doctor's "gut" feeling. Went gluten free a little over a year ago, and felt great, but had to go off diet to do endoscopy. Pre-test, doctor said that i would not likely test as celiac, but with my description of symptoms, probably IBS / IBD and fibromyalgia. Test came back negative. I KNOW for a fact i cannot eat gluten without symptoms. Am i celiac? Am i something else? does it really matter? Can anyone give advice....When i don't eat gluten i don't have the excrutiating leg pain and skin blisters, etc. ...maybe just "gluten intolerant?.... help!
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