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  1. To give credit where credit is due, Burdee posted in the Cramping thread under Recover/Treatment - this website about magnesium: http://www.mbschachter.com/importance_of_m...um_to_human.htm. (I hope that copies fine - heBurdee posted the link at 12:58 a.m on 3/8.) I read it with interest because - unlike most of the participatins, I seem to suffer more often from C than D. Docs have been looking askance at me for years for taking 400-600 mg daily of magnesium - tho it seems to keep away heart palpitations and severe muscle cramps and keep me regular. Thru a detox conducted in November, it seemed Gluten was a problem, and I was much more regular, and therefore reduced my magnesium to none - 400 mg. daily. Suddenly - almost overnight, I began to get "sick" (severely fatigued) and - words - severely C'd. Psyllium is a really bad idea for me, so I tried Citrucell, and was stopped up for a copule of days. Needless to say, I've gone back to magnesium. I can't explain it, but my body seems to do better with 600-800 mg daily. tho - I agree that absolutely everything I read that says the indication of too much magnesium is D (and/or gas). maybe work up to it - less is more?
  2. Thanks. This is helpful and hopeful. In many of the other threads on this board I am seeing that things can crop up after an initial period of (to me) euphoria and seeming health. My sister and I have been talking about how - despite the fact that we are not absoultely "normal" - we have NO desire to try gluten again.
  3. THEY ARE EVERYWHERE! I swear every office I walk by at work has a box of cookies on the corner of the desk, and of course the little Troopers are in the grocery store every time I go - looking darling and plaintive. I may end up giving them a donation. But this morning after passing by their wares one more time ,I came home and made killer browinies! It's not the same thing, but it'll do...it allows me to be creatively aggressive instead of victim-ish - which is how I feel a lot of the time. And now that I think of it, I'm using my own Girl Scout skills by making my own confections instead of eating theirs!
  4. I've been taking 400-600 mg chelated magnesium for years, and my docs are always troubled by it - which always makes me thing I shouldn't be taking it - but it is the only thing that keeps me regular (and free from heart palpitations). since I am only recently gluten-free, I thought I could give that up - but I'm pretty sure I am wrong about that. I react VERY poorly to psyllium & metamucil, but citrucel seems to work much better. I was just hoping all of this dependence on these products would disappear!
  5. me, too. On my thighs. Always in the same place. Might last 3-7 days and only every year or two. One of those things I wouldn't tell anyone...because who could explain a thing like that? Obviously a neurological thing - one of many, I think.
  6. New User here - forgive me if I sound naive.... I seem to have gone the other direction - the "C" route, if you will. I've been gluten-free for four months, and felt fantastic until about 10 days ago, when I began to notice irregularity - uncooperative bowels - no pain, but fatigue. I've had off & on "irritable bowel" for 20 years, then figured out an intolerance to lactose and was pretty much okay bowel-wise, but fatigue set in in a big way about that time. 15 more years of inexplicable periods of malaise that I thought was gone when I gave up wheat/barley/rye in November - despite negative bloodwork. But now the fatigue is back, accompanied by uncooperative bowels - despite the fact that I almost never eat out (and am very careful with few mistakes when I do) and am very careful about the gluten thing. I wonder - since I started late (over 50) - if I'm having some kind of backlash effect, or am I looking entirely in the wrong direction? is this backlash possibly what is happening to alamaz?
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