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  1. I also just used Pamelas bread mix in the bread machine over christmas, I put it on the basic white bread setting because that is what it said on the back of the bag, curious to see which setting you used. Mine came out great as well, a little on the sweeter side, it tased just like this oatmeal bread I used to get as a kid. I didn't put in the vinegar I will have to try that next time.
  2. My family alwasy makes stratta for christmas breakfast. It is a casserole with eggs and peppers and sausage which has slices of white bread on the bottom of the dish. This is my first christmas gluten free and we want to make the stratta with gluten free bread. The stratta sets in the fridge overnight with the bread on the bottom and all the wet ingredients over it, so I was wondering 1: is any gluten free bread going to work and stand up to being soaked in the egg mixture overnight and also 2: what a good brand is to buy or a mix to put in the bread machine; I have not experimented with many different breads and don't have the time to make 10 different strattas over the next week. Any help would be great Thanks!
  3. I ask for steamed chicken and veggies, no sauce. Then put my own sauce on when it comes. You can do it with shrimp too. I usually don't get very far asking questions and trying to explain the situation at take out places.
  4. I had the same problem when i went gluten free. I was peeing all the time. I had to get up two or three times a night and i never had to do that before. About 5-6 months after going gluten free it slowly started to resolve. Now I am back to my normal amount and do not wake up in the middle of the night.
  5. My mother gets a yellow/tan color to her skin after she eats orange veggies like squash. It took her years to figure out why she would sometimes look tan or yellow in the winter, and then she realized it was after she was eating squash. The beta carotine must effect her differently than most people. You still want to rule out anything with you liver since that seems like to most obvious thing, but thought I would just mention this.
  6. After I went gluten free I was becoming bloated again, mine seemed to be due to constipation. I guess after cutting out so much fiber from my diet and adding a bunch of rice prooducts that was the result. I tryed a combination of prunes and magnesium supplements every morning, it helped a ton with the bloating because I was no longer constipated. Once in a while I forget for a couple of days and I am right back to feeling bloated and constipated. Hope this helps
  7. I clench my teeth at night more than grinding, but it has the same effect. I bought a 20$ mouth guard at target it has worked good so far
  8. Can't wait to go home this weekend for a wedding, I have been thinking of fried clams all summer, my mother lives about 10 minutes from this place. I have informed my family that it will be a manditory stop. They think I am a little weird for flipping out over fried clams
  9. I drink Magner's a lot, it is an irish hard cider. It is less sweet than other US ciders. I also drink wine, not a big hard alcohol person. I have tryed a couple gluten free beers, redbrige and one other one, I do miss a guinness once in a while!
  10. I recently went to a friend's wedding, I called him to ask what the dinner was because there was no choice on the invite. I breifly explained why and that I was just wondering he told me that he knew the meal was gluten free because the caterer had told him all their options were gluten free. He didn't do it on purpose, but they had brought it up when they were picking out the meal. I felt so much better knowing ahead of time because I didn't have to worry about it. I would call the place the wedding is at and ask them, I am sure they would be more than happy to look into it for you after you explain why
  11. I flew British Airways this spring. I had to call to get the gluten free meal option it wasn't on the website, but I had good meals on the two long legs of the trip baltiomre to london and back, on the shorter flights I did not get a gluten free option london to rome and back. I also brought a lot of snacks along with me incase I didn't get a meal. But I have to say for airline food the gluten free meals weren't bad.
  12. Thanks everyone! I thought that it probably had some soy sauce in there somewhere, but just wanted to double check. No eel for me
  13. Does anyone know if the eel(unagi) at sushi places is gluten free. I love it and have not been eating it since I do not know if it is gluten free. It has kind of like a glaze on it and I do not know if it has soy sauce in it. Thanks!
  14. I had fine teeth as a child, but once I got to college I started getting lots of cavities and could not figure out why. It was also the same times I started having GI symptoms. I had my first dentist appointment about 2 months after going gluten free and there was an huge difference,; no cavitites for the first time in about 7 years and the hygentist had to question the previous notes in my chart because they voiced concerne about my gum/teeth and the condition they were in. My nails are also growing for the first time since I can remember so I think it effects more than we realize.
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