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  1. strawberrygm

    Spastic Colon?

    I dont get to post here very often, as life is crazy busy for us. However I would really appreciate your thoughts on...
  2. strawberrygm

    What Could This Be?

    forgot to say, the bloodwork, urine test, and xray all came black clear.
  3. strawberrygm

    What Could This Be?

    my 12 year old daughter has been gluten free for almost 4 years. starting last monday night, she has been having serious...
  4. strawberrygm

    Does This Sound Like Celiac?

    My youngest child is almost 6 months old. He is exclusively breastfed, only this week have I offered him a few bites...
  5. strawberrygm

    School Absences

    you are very welcome!! i hope this helps you some!! =)
  6. strawberrygm

    Attention In School

    true!! how long does it last? it stinks!!
  7. strawberrygm

    Attention In School

    my daughter is 12, and is just the opposite. at home i think she has add, but her 5th and 6th grade teachers seen no...
  8. strawberrygm

    School Absences

    i noticed you mentioned it being hard and expensive to send gluten free lunches to school. i wanted to share with you...
  9. does your school have a program for students with chronic diseases? ours is starting this this semester. i just got...
  10. With help on breastfeeding and increasing your milk supply, go to kellymom dot com. It is a great forum for moms a d...
  11. hello all! i am seeking advice, thoughts, information, research, anything. i live in a small town, but would love to...
  12. the following are some products my daughter has been eating with no problems. however, a lady we know has celiac and...
  13. strawberrygm

    Starting Gluten Free While Pregnant

    well, i could go ahead and swap the home over, and then if it turns up that i need extra stuff or just cant manage the...
  14. strawberrygm

    Starting Gluten Free While Pregnant

    i should add that i have never had trouble getting pregnant, i havent been tested for celiac. my daughter has it and...
  15. strawberrygm

    Starting Gluten Free While Pregnant

    hello!! i have been planning on switching my house to completely gluten free on feb 1st for a couple months now. found...