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  1. MAKE UP RESULTS Thought id share this - from 'Simple' "I would confirm that there is Hydrolysed Wheat Gluten in SIMPLE Nourishing Body Wash, SIMPLE Soothing Shower Cream and SIMPLE Intensive Conditioning Treatment all the rest are Gluten free. I would also confirm that all products in...
  2. It was mothers birthday Saturday, which as ever presented the dilemma of omg! What am I going to eat and how not to cause too much fuss and too many arguments with the folks. We had the rest of the brood over in the evening and after some discussion it was agreed we
  3. Salutations, By way of introduction I am a late (ever later) 20 something, gothique - like, over opinionated, liberal voting, chthonic, libertine female from the west middle lands of Englandshire. In my old age, I am beginning to fit far too well the terribly Victorian image of the domesticated...