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  1. Thank you for all of your replies. Lots of valid points were shared. I'm guessing some insurances are more educated than others on the disease. I also agree that many are really out to screw you as someone already pointed out. It's a shame that we even have to worry about this stuff, isn't it? Thanks again!
  2. My 9mo may have celiac. Right now he is on a gluten free trial and doing wonderfully. If his diarrhea returns when I reintroduce gluten, should I just forgo the blood testing and keep him gluten free? I am concerned for later in his life with a confirmed diagnosis and his ability to get health and life insurance, etc.
  3. My 9mo son recently had a bout with chronic, watery diarrhea for 5 weeks. Symptoms were exacerbated by Cheerios & many Gerber Puffs. I have eliminated Cheerios completely and greatly reduced the # of Gerber Puffs in his diet. He is not eating any other foods with wheat or gluten. His symptoms of diarrhea disappeared within 2 days and has had normal bowel movements since. He is not gaining as much weight as they would like...only 8oz since 6 months and it appears he may be losing weight now. Is it possible to have a gluten threshold? Meaning you can eat X amount of gluten daily before symptoms appear? The diarrhea started 2 weeks after an Amoxicillin treatment ended. He had a very significant hive reaction on day 10 of that treatment. At this point, we are still in the early stages of fact-finding with our MD. We do not know if this is a temporary intolerance to something because the gut was wiped out. Stool cultures were not done until week 4 of diarrhea and all tests came back negative for bacteria/parasites. Next week I am supposed to reintroduce Cheerios/gluten to see what happens. I want his blood tests to be as accurate as possible. One person suggested he be on gluten for at least 2 weeks. Since he is so young, how much intestinal damage can there be to show up on the tests? Will a gluten intolerance but not Celiac show if applicable? Will an IgA deficiency or other autoimmune disorder show up (if applicable) on the panel if I have them run all 5 tests? Anti Gliadin (AGA) IgA Anti Gliadin (AGA) IgG Anti Endomysial (EMA) IgA Anti Tissue Transglutiminase (tTg) IgA Total Serum IgA Is there anything else you can recommend either for me to watch out for or guide me in this process? I am very new to Celiac. Thank you!
  4. My son is 9mo. and we are perplexed by his myriad of symptoms in his short life. I am hoping you can help us out. I will try to be as concise as possible. He has had sensitivities to medications, foods, vaccines, etc. When we first introduced Tylenol, he would become jittery and almost hyperactive after about 4 hours. On occasion, this still happens. At 4 mos, the HIB vaccine (we only do 1 at a time) caused him to violently scream within 3 hours of receiving the shot and his injection site swelled. At 6 mos, the DTaP did not cause any reaction. Ironic because HIB usually is least reaction and DTaP one of the highest. Dry patches of skin on the back of his thighs and upper arms off an on. He had a perpetual stuffy nose from Oct-Jan which we (& ped) chalked up to dry air in our home. In Jan, the stuffy nose turned to sinusitis/infection and he was given Amoxicillin. On the last day of Amoxicillin treatment, he broke out in very large 4inch half-moon shaped hives. The ER gave him Benadryl/Prednisone. After 4 days, we were switched to Zyrtec because the Benadryl was causing him to be jittery/hyperactive/fussy. After the hives subsided, he got a red dotted rash that was similar looking to roseola. No fever. We took him to an allergist who did subcutaneous testing - he was negative. He was diagnosed with an idiosyncratic reaction/serum sickness like reaction to Amoxicillin. (It is expected to happen again if we use the medication but is expected to grow out of it. We have opted to use other antibiotics if necessary) Allergist said in some children like our son, there is a metabolic or genetic anomaly that causes these reactions to things. By the beginning of Feb, he began with chronic explosive diarrhea. We started to notice that it got worse when he ate Cheerios. I removed Cheerios which lessened the wateriness of the diarrhea but when reintroduced, went right back to liquid. I permanently removed them. From 6-9months, he has only gained 8oz and grown 3/4 of an inch. He was always in 90 or above percentiles and this alarmed our pediatrician. After consults with our pediatrician, negative stool cultures and high lymphocytes in bloodwork, we were sent to Children's Hospital for further diagnosis. Currently he is to have weekly weight checks for 1 month and I was to remove as much wheat/gluten from his diet as possible. As of yesterday, 5 days after taking the suspected food offenders out, he has still not gained any weight. In fact, it appears that he has lost some. Since removing the Cheerios and limiting his Gerber Puffs (to under 25 a day), his diarrhea is 100% gone! I am giving him high calorie foods and nursing as often as possible. Next week if the diarrhea stays gone, I am supposed to reintroduce gluten again and see what happens. We were offered the Celiac blood tests at Childrens (Anti-gliadin, IgA & tTG) right away but opted to wait to see his weight changes and reaction to the reintroduction of Cheerios & more gluten containing foods. How long does he need to be back on gluten to have an "accurate" result from the blood testing? Can you offer any insight to other things? Other Background: I have IBS. It started after I got CDiff in 1997 and went into remission while I was pregnant when I got CDiff again. I have been symptom free since. I know that Celiac is often misdiagnosed for Celiac. Is it possible for Celiac to go into remission, though? Mine seemed to be related to my hormone fluctuations and since I'm still nursing, my hormones are still altered. I also have a mild lactose intolerance. No one in either side of our families is diagnosed with Celiac, though my side has a history of bowel problems associated with milk-rich foods and stress (IBS). Thank you for any assistance you can provide us.
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