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  1. Hi i had bomby sapphire gin last night n have been feelin ill ever since. I definetly havent had any other gluten n believed that bombay was gluten-free. I was wondering if anyone knew about gluten n gin,or had any similar experiences. Thx
  2. Hi i am wondering if anybody knows whether Pimm's alcohol is gluten free?? I am unable to find the ingredients or the way it is processed anywhere online, and was hoping somebody might know? Thanks, carmen
  3. yeah i didnt think the sulphur bit would impact the ingredient i was actually asking if there is a difference between glucose (from wheat) and glucose syrup (from wheat), and if they are both gluten free as i know the latter one is. thanks
  4. hey so i understand that most of the time when a label says containing glucose syrup (from wheat) , it is usually gluten free. but i am curious if its still gluten free when the label says containing Glucose (from wheat, contains sulphur dioxide) thanks, carmen
  5. jsut wondering if anyone knew if these lollies were gluten free? the ingredients seem to be, but you never know with the manufacturing. thanks
  6. im trying to workout and put together a list of the icecream bars which you buy from the freezer of your local shops, are gluten. The only ones i know for sure that are at the moment are all types of magnums and all type of weiss bars (but they are more a frozen yoghurt. i was wondering if anyone else knew of any others?
  7. so up until a little while ago i used to drink a lot of caramel latte's as i read in a few places that most of the caramel flavourings are gluten-free. im in australia and i always go thru muzz buxx drive thru for my caramel latte's, i was just wondering if anyone knew anything about caramel flavouring in any country?as all the manufacturers that i have checked with have gluten-free products. thanks.
  8. these are the ingredients to a certain brand of chips,that have been labelled as containing gluten.Lookig at the ingredients i am unsure which ones contain gluten and wondered if anyone else could help me out?thks POTATO (96%), BEEF TALLOW, DEXTROSE CHIP SALT
  9. I am frm aus and althpugh I knw the place I get my chips frm aren't using chicken salt and the fryer is only for chips I am wondering what else got me glutened?x
  10. I was just wondering if the coles brand bacon is gluten free?the ingredients don't seem to have to have gluten.but I'm unsure about. The vinegar. Does anyone know,or ever had any reaction to it ?thx
  11. okay so i have read this whole thread from start to finish and am now really really unsure as to whether some vodkas are gluten free and some arent?i tend to only drink vodka and a wide range of brands, but mainly just the plain smirnoff. does anyone actually know?thanks
  12. Ive read your quotes about the specific carbohydrate diet and was wondering where i would be able to get more information on it or if you could help me out? i have done something similar in the past and it has been the only time in the past few years that i have felt healthy and myself again! would appreciate any help i could get thanks x
  13. that sounds like a similar case my friend has ,she has an intolerancy to solicylates.
  14. yeah i am intolerant to dairy,fructose and soy and others which i am trying to figure out, but i keep these at bay asweel as gluten. But i seem to be accidently ingesting gluten all the time lately. Either by eating a product that has been fine for the last few years and suddenly they change the ingredients on me , or accidently skimming an ingredient when i am reading the label. I was very curious... the less attacks you have, the lesser the symptoms are when you accidently eat gluten?becuase even when i have gone 6 months without having gluten i seemed to have gotten the sickest i have ever been ,as i stayed off it for so long and was so healthy. I am just curious what happens to other people?
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