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  1. Hello everyone, I have a query about triggers of Celiac Disease. I'm a newbie here and not yet diagnosed (awaiting results of bloodtest), though I tried a short spate of gluten/dairy free living with definite change if not improvement. I'm back on the gluten again for all the tests. I've been shadowing for a while and much appreciate the wealth of information proferred here. So far my symptoms fit Celiac disease perfectly, but what confuses me is the suddeness with which it all seemed to begin for me. What have others experienced? For my part, a lifetime of asthma, hayfever etc as well as regular headaches made me into a congested kind of person who suddenly realised I'd been taking codeine-paracetomal tablets far too regularly for nearly 6 years. I decided to clean up and withdrew gradually from my habit over a period of 6 months. I haven't touched the stuff since July 2006, and I've had D along with an everchanging variety of other symptoms nearly every day since. I obviously triggered something off (there's no way the tablets could have masked all my symptoms), but I've found no evidence of codeine/paracetomal associated GI problems (and my liver feels fine), so I wonder what the mechanism was. What do other people find? I've come across vague suggestions of other people who also experienced a very sudden onset of symptoms, although I thought the general trend was a gradual decline over years. I have vague memories of the odd flare-up now and again over the last 6 years, but nothing like what I experience everyday now. Over the last 6 months malabsorption and malnutrition has made me feel like I'm declining rapidly with new symptoms of aching joints and cracked skin etc appearing regularly. Did anyone else experience this kind of sudden dive into ill-health? Or did a latent/mild unconcerning condition suddenly develop into a frenzied dash to the loo? If sudden, what was the trigger? Physical, emotional, lifestyle change etc... I'm asking this out of curiosity. It's the one area that never seems to be discussed at length. Once people have the symptoms, we seem to face forward in search of relief, diagnosis and/or solution, but why and how did it all start in the first place? I'd be interested to here, Laila
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