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  1. Wow, I finally had a chance to check the board here again....your responses have been great! Thanks everyone for the tips and suggestions(especially the beer ) Dan
  2. Guys, thanks for your help...I was treated for the H-pylori with a drug combo called Prevpak, basically previcid and two antibiotics that I can't recall. Also I do appreciate the suggestions for foods and any possible restaurants. Sometimes getting my family to understand how I feel was very difficult but thanks to sites such as this it is getting much better. It's good to know that with proper diet and willpower that there is a possible light at the end of the tunnel. I live in the Butler Pennsylvania area, any recommendations for restaurants in that area would be appreciated. This is all new to me, I didn't have no idea how many foods contain gluten...unbelievable.
  3. I was diagnosed with a biopsy, I have basically all the symptoms,bloating,fatigue,depression,weakness,etc., and my family is getting real tired of me just wanting to be left alone. I have had these symptoms for years although I would at least have my good days. During the past year or so there has been no such thing as a good day. I finally switched doctors after the one I was seeing would say that it was IBS, just learn to live with it, even after an initial endoscope and coloscopy. I just had another endoscopy and the results were positive for celiac disease and H-pylori.
  4. Hello All, I was just diagnosed with having celiac disease after years of feeling like garbage, my question is how long does it take to start to feel better after going gluten free? I am tired of feeling horrible and look forward to having my life back. Also I tried Redbridge beer today from Budweiser, gluten free and not too bad. Dan
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