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  1. I am celiac and saw a local celiac specialist, Dr. Harry Delcher in Atlanta...he told me cow's milk and any form of soy is off limits. This was news to me, and sounds extreme. Has anyone heard this before and what is the reasoning behind it? Thanks
  2. Thanks so much.. I've been to an endo doctor and he say's I'm fine, but I don't believe him...he hasn't done an ultrasound, just blood work. He said my thyroid is enlarged but the blood work was negative, so I don't know what to think!
  3. I was diagnosed in March of this year and have been Gluten free since April. They also found I am Calcium/Vitamin D deficenty and have ostepenia. I am now having severe swollen neck pain on my right side and pain and pressure in my right eye. Also having spastic nerve of muscle twich on my lower right side of my waist. I was wondering if this could be any kind of complication to celiac... Thanks
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