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  1. I am Starting this journey and was wondering if there are some good books out there? There seem to be a lot. But which have you found the most helpful? Thanks Jyn
  2. I have been dealing with being gluten free. A frustrating Process as you all know. I have a great family but it seems like all of our favorites are flying out the window and I feel so bad. I have them still have them and I make something else for me. There are just so many times I just want to cry because of all the changes. and there are many times I have. I just want to eat and not worry what is in it. The other day I did just that convinced myself I could eat it . Well I paid over and over. I then hate that feeling even more. This is what I am focusing on If i eat that I will feel so bad it isn't worth it. I am also having a hard time with not being able to get back to work or have the energy to take care of the kids all day yet. I love my job and haven't been back this year. I miss it I feel like part of me is gone. I also having to depend so much on others to do things for me. But I am just so low energy I sleep all the time. and I feel sick alot. I am doctoring a lot right now tests to rule other things out. As of now I am diagnosed gluten intolerant. I don't want to do the biopsy. They said I would have to start eating the food to have the test be accurate I just don't want to do that esp after the other day. I feel I am in the land of lost Jyn
  3. I am a migraine sufferer. and my whole life have had stomach bowel problems been tested and diaganosed with many things IBS GERD Spastic Colon Never quite getting a fix. Then on a Diet to loose weight I didn't eat bread or processed foods. Then Once I started again I had all the same syptoms cramps bloating running to the bathroom more migraines etc. So I gave up ALL wheat listed in the ingredients. So The Doctor brought up Celiac Spure But said to be tested I would have to start eatting wheat. I said NO way. Any way in the mean time I have had some weird syptoms and don't know if the can be related. I passed out at work went into shock and was taken by ambulance to the hospital for a 5 day stay. They aren't sure what caused the shock. My potassium levels were really low. I turned elmo red. Since then I have had high levels of serationin in my urine. and my tryptase levels were elevated. I have since seen an endrochronologist and waiting for tests. I am curious if any of this sound familar to anyone ? does it sound like it is related to celiac? Any Advice? I am so frustrated sitting and waiting for tests and answers. I am scared to drive or be alone with my youngest son. I am eating Gluten free and it is frustrating to figure it all out. I was also put on a MSG free diet. I tell you if it doesn't have gluten it has MSG. Waiting Jyn
  4. Hello I have been eating wheat free for over 7 months. I feel a whole lot better not eating it. I get sick to my stomach and awful cramps followed by diarehha. I also get a migraine. I choose to eat this way because I feel better. There are days that I still have attacks and had not eaten any wheat. I brought this up to my doctor and he brought up celiac. The problem he said I have to start eating wheat for the tests to be accurate. This is something I will not do to my self. I talked about treatment being dietary why can't I just change the way I eat and not get an official diagnoses. Is this Possible?? I have since been eating gluten free. And I haven't had an attack. In my past I have been diagnosed with Gurd IBS spastic colon and others. None of these diagnoses have taken care of the problem. I have taken medicines and made dietary changes. Still had attacks. I am hopeful at the prospect that this treatment will help me. I am just not sure how important an official diagnoses is? Thank you All Jyn
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