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  1. I had a hard time w/ bloating even after several months of a strict diet of meat, canned fruit, cooked veggies and olive oil. Another poster sent me info on fructose and after eliminating fruits that are high in fructose, the bloating has essentially resolved and I've been able to tolerate Snickers (gift from heaven), Sorbet (corn syrup), and small amts of Cheddar Cheese. Until I eliminated certain fruits, probiotics and prescription enzymes didn't resolve the bloating/gas. And I lost too much weight from being on such a low calorie diet. I had no idea that my base diet was the problem until I got that valuable bit of info. So based on my experience, I would recommend an elimination diet.
  2. I saw Dr Gray yesterday. Because my antibodies (positve IgA and EMA, but negative transglutinamase) and biopsy (negative) were done 6 mos post gluten restriction, he wanted me to do a gluten challenge and re do the biopsy. Well, being in the middle of a divorce and going back to work, I just can't fit that in. He did order the gene tests, but said that even if they were positive, it wasn't a definitive diagnosis. And his focus is on getting a confirmed diagnosis. My focus is on wellness and since everything lethal seems to have been ruled out, I'm sticking with what's working, that being my diet. I'm disappointed that he couldn't help me connect the dots with diet and its effects on me, but with the help of this board, I'm chipping away at it myself.
  3. By virtue of eliminating so many foods, I found myself on the Paleolithic diet for a few months. During that time I also gave up nuts and have since found that I can't eat all fruits or in excess. The only difference for me now is that I have added sugar back in to sweeten my tea or to dip a banana in brown sugar as a treat (weird, I know). It's been difficult, but not impossible. The upside was that I lost a lot of weight and gained energy and my mood stabilized to the point that I'm handling a divorce with less anxiety than I had been experiencing over the last several years prior to going gluten free. Socially, it's hard at times and it takes a lot of planning for packing meals for work/trips, but at the same time, I'm actually able to take those trips and go back to work because I feel so much better. Some things I keep on hand this time of year: skinless boneless chicken breast from Costco to freeze, bags of avocados from Costco, fruit in varying stages of ripeness (melons, bananas, fresh and frozen berries), bagged salad, thin cut pork cutlets for breakfast, almonds, natural peanut butter, olive oil, tea, & cranberry juice. It's expensive to eat this way, I'd have a hard time doing it without Costco. I usually have grilled chicken or beef for dinner always cooking enough for leftovers and slicing it up to put over salad greens the next day for lunch. Topped of with fresh avocado makes a nice meal.
  4. Thanks to some information that Corrine sent me (THANK YOU, CORRINE!) about how the high fructose to glucose ratio of some fruits can be harder to digest, I eliminated apples, peaches, and pears, of which I had been eating in abundance. The gas symptoms disappeared and I have been able to tolerate lower fructose containing fruits such as berries, bananas, and cantaloupe. My diet is still limited to meat, salad, cooked green vegetables, avocados, olive oil, and the fruits listed above, but I have tried some nuts, sorbet (corn syrup), and even Snickers bars and haven't had any intolerable symptoms.
  5. My appt at Stanford is on Aug 6th. I'll post about my experience.
  6. Yes, I have. Have you cut out any other food groups ie dairy? Another poster provided me with these links. They have info on fructose. http://www.askdrsears.com/html/4/T042600.asp http://www.nutritiondata.com/facts-C00001-01c20TB.html I found that eliminating apples and peaches, that I was eating a lot of, has helped a lot. I'm now sticking to berries, cantaloupe, and bananas. Still I think fruit in the amounts that I'm eating is troublesome to me. My plan, when I get organized, is to quit fruit for a few days, stick to just meat and green veggies, and re-try some other foods such as rice or legumes just to see if fruit has been the problem. It's all a PITA, but I'm trying to look at my food experimentation as a challenge that I will eventually find a solution to. Hang in there! Jami
  7. What about those sweet liquors like Contreau or Triple Sec (Must haves for Margaritas!) And is high end vodka okay?
  8. California?

    Hey, I'm in Calif! In the foothills east of Lodi. And my parents live in Clovis which I visit every couple of months. PF Changs and Outback have worked for me. Picnicing seems to work out best though.
  9. I have intermittent kidney area pain. It usually starts on one side or the other and sometimes radiates in any direction. And I find the urge to stretch it as well, which doesn't help. Nor does large doses of ibuprofen. It sent me to the ER Easter weekend after not subsiding for 3 days. I thought I had a stone or an infection. The pain really wasn't that extreme but I got anxious thinking about it being either of those things. They did an CT scan which came back negative. I went to the chiropracter the next day and he thought it was swollen/exhausted adrenal glands. I don't know if that's the case or not, but I have found it to be more stress related than food related.
  10. Thanks for the responses. I'll get the book. I'm also seeing a malabsorption specialist next month, so fingers crossed, that he'll be helpful. I've been doing an elimination diet, down to beef, unprocessed pork, chicken, green veg, fruit, tea, & olive/canola oil for 2 months. I admittedly add sugar to my tea and unsweetened gluten free canned fruit, because I feel sorry for myself for having to give up so much. It could be contributing.
  11. I've been doing something similar to the SCD as well as elimating lectins for about 2 months and it's been helping. I eat fruit but I can tell when I've had too much. Meat and green vegetables work the best for me to avoid gassiness, but I love fruit and small amounts aren't too bad on me. Funny, I'm seeing a specialist in August as well, we should report back.
  12. OMG, YES! Exactly as you stated it. I have noticed an improvement and just checked in the mirror again to confirm! Now if we could just get rid of those undereye circles
  13. hhmm? No responses. Maybe I didn't word my question well? I guess I'm wondering how helpful and thorough food sensitivity testing is. I see individual enterolab results and others listed at the bottom of differents posts and I'm interested in whether that resolved the GI symptoms. I've been doing an elimination diet and food challenges, but it's painstaking and I think I'm probably making some errors along the way w/ cross contamination. I'd like to hear that food testing will give me all the answers, but I'm doubtful that it could be that easy. Anyone?
  14. What has been your experience w/ eliminating foods that you tested postive for? Did eliminating all the positive foods result in your GI symptoms clearing up?
  15. Does anyone use this product and know it to be okay? I no longer have the boxes and my friend doesn't sell it anymore. Just trying to eliminate anything that might be glutening me.
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