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  1. we don't always have obvious symptoms when glutened... sometimes the symptoms are delayes, sometimes we may not have any at all... I just think of all the years I was eating gluten and I wasn't sick every single time... also with kids they do heal faster and if he's been gluten-free for 6 months, he may be healed enough that his immune system isn't on overdrive and isn't going to react every single time. But, every accidental glutening is still causing damage to occur to the villi, so just make sure from here on out he's 100% gluten-free. Hubby shouldn't beat himself up over it, but he does need to be more careful.
  2. I agree with this... as responsible adults we owe it to our children to talk to them and answer their questions, and an open forum such as this, especially an international one, is a fine venue to discuss these issues. Do not get into the debate about legalization because the two sides are never going to agree. As a parent, I would not mind my child reading the initial discussion and questions. It's when adults start bickering over issues that are either of political, religious or personal natures where you are not going to convince someone else to change their mind is where I wouldn't want to have to explain that to my child. Yeah, I'm telling her not to argue yet adults do it all the time? If we talk to our kids about this stuff, don't judge other people (especially if it's something that is legal where they live) and explain to our kids why we don't approve, that is more responsible than sweeping it under the table. Just my opinion.
  3. my daughter likes Post Fruity Pebbles and Post Cocoa Pebbles, Envirokids Gorilla Munch, and Nature's Path's Honey'd Corn Flakes... hope that helps
  4. the depression seems to be a common thread among us Celiacs. The longer I've been gluten free, the longer I've been depression free... I like it. I'm a different person now. I don't even recognized that depressed sick person I was. I also had systemic candida overgrowth and succesfully treated it with a Candida Cleanse regimen. I can't remember the company that makes it but it's a capsule and a liquid that you take daily combined with the candida cleanse diet. Sucked doing that AND gluten-free, but dang I feel better.
  5. I'm just as angry as Ursa Major at your idiot Dr.s... If you were diagnosed with Celiac at five, you never ever ever outgrow it. If you have blunted villi you absolutely have Celiac, as the blunted villi are what the "experts" look at as the gold standard of diagnosis for Celiac. Your depression/bi-polar issues are most certainly linked to Celiac, especially if you were thinking you were "cured" and eating a gluten filled diet. I know depression intimately. Getting gluten out of my diet is the only thing that helped my depression. My Dr.s would send me to psychiatrists and the psychiatrists would just send me back to the Dr.s... Do yourself a big gigantic favor and accept that your diagnosis of Celiac at age 5 was correct and that blunted villi means that you absolutely have Celiac and are going to DIE a horribly painful death from complications that will continue to crop up if you don't stick to the gluten free diet. If you don't kill yourself first. I'm just lucky my suicide attempts failed. By the time I was diagnosed I literally WAS dying.
  6. keep in mind that depression and related psychological issues can be directly related to gluten consumption. I struggled with severe depression for many many years and I admit that the first year gluten free was tough. The first few weeks I had severe withdrawals, then after that cravings that wouldn't go away... I spent many days angry and crying. But here's the thing. The longer I stayed gluten-free and got it through my head that gluten was poison, the depression and the desire to hurt myself went away. I did have the help of medication to help me through those rough times. Do what you need to do to take care of yourself. Don't blame yourself for something that is in your physiological makeup. Take one baby step at a time, and focus on what goodies you CAN have, not on what you can't. Find as much gluten free junk food as you can to keep on hand so that when you are feeling deprived you can cheat (gluten free of course) with your favorite gluten free junk food. I love Easter because my favorite "bad" food is out for a short while... Cadbury Cream Eggs... that and I'll steal my daughter's Fluffy Stuff cotton candy! Whatever your comfort foods are, find a great gluten-free substitute and allow yourself your comfort foods whenever you want them. Do not ever go without... just go without gluten. It can be done.
  7. Earth Balance is a great butter substitute if you aren't intolerant to soy.
  8. my mom tries really hard, but I still get glutened at her house. My stepdad really thinks I'm being ridiculous most of the time and he'll pass bread right over my plate or use the same spoon in a glutened dish and then use it in a gluten-free dish... whenever my mom wants us to come over for a meal, I don't know how to tactfully get out of it, because I always get sick over there.
  9. the rice wraps are gross, I'll give ya that... for brownies, I swear by Pamela's brownie mix... they are yummy! For Mac & Cheese, we use Tinkyada elbow noodles and mix with Kraft Mac & Cheese powdered cheese mix (in a can like their parmesan cheese) I get it at Super Wal Mart... mix it with butter and milk just like the regular kraft mac and cheese and you have a very happy pooter and kidlet...
  10. I know some people seem to react the same way to Tapioca Flour and even Corn or Rice...
  11. I definitely used to describe my daughter as "Jekyl and Hyde" and once I figured out that gluten was the problem for both of us, the behavioral issues went away. She had terrible violent outbursts, her Celiac testing was negative, but mine was glaringly positive. She dramatically improved on the gluten free diet, and everyone around her was so amazed by it that they were all convinced. If she gets glutened, the first thing that happens is attutude problems... grumpy, fussy... downright mean... I had to laugh at the punk rock reference! I too wonder if that part of my youth was all about the gluten! My daughter is almost 7 and has been gluten-free almost 4 years now. Her official diagnosis is only gluten intolerance. I know that I've prevented her from having full blown Celiac by recognizing that her symptoms were also gluten related and she's an extremely happy well adjusted kiddo.
  12. I have to second the Amy's soup recomendation. My daughter loves it. I cook the pasta, dump it into a pot with Amy's Creamy Tomato Soup, add a little garlic powder, Italian herbs, and salt and pepper. (Don't really have to add the Italian herbs if you don't want to).
  13. dairy/casein free is one thing, gluten free is another... if the package says gluten free, it darn well better be gluten free, the cheese packet does contain casein which is a dairy protein, and that is what whey is... dairy. There is a product out there if you are avoiding BOTH gluten and casein called Roads End Macaroni and Chreese... it is a vegan product and contains no dairy whatsoever. They make several varieties and only one is gluten free, so make sure you find the gluten free version. Taste? pretty ucky in my opinion, but hey, you could probably season it up to make it palatable.
  14. yep, negative biopsy means nothing if blood work is positive. The Dr. I work for says that dietary response is the best way to tell if you have a problem with gluten. He usually recommends one week completely off gluten, then have a huge gluten meal and watch for symptoms. So based on that advice I would say that two weeks off gluten would affect biopsy results.
  15. you are really funny Jerry! thanks for the laugh. I really like Pamela's Wheat Free bread mix, it's incredible in my opinion. For my daughter's sandwiches I get the EnerG Light Tapioca loaf. you have to microwave the slices for about 20 seconds or so to soften them, then make your sandwich, but she loves it. Texture of wonderbread to me.
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