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  1. I would recommend not using Rice Dream. Years ago they listed a small amount of barley as one of their ingredients. They no longer list this as an ingredient and thus tests gluten free. Some sensitive people may be reacting to this. Susan
  2. You may also want to see a doctor who specalizes in osteoporosis. I see one here in the Atlanta area. Susan
  3. Georgia Guy, Yes, Avondale Estates is in metro Atlanta on the east side. For those familiar with the Dekalb Farmers Market in Decatur it is only about a mile from there. Susan
  4. Hey, Georgia Guy, There is a 100% gluten free restaurant in Avondale Estates, GA. It is Good Karma Coffee. www.goodkarmacoffee.com 404-499-0999. Hours 8 a.m.- 2 pm They are open for breakfast and lunch only. They also make their own bread for sandwiches. All of the items are gluten, soy, dairy free. You can also get vegan food there. Tastes good too. Susan
  5. Georgia Guy, Welcome! Yes there are people from Georgia here. I work in Atlanta. I don't log in often, but I read on the site a lot. I've been gluten free since 2007. Susan
  6. Angelmomh2, It is possible that you don't tolerate rice. Some people don't tolerate rice. You could try an alternative grain like teff, quinoa, buckwheat, millet, or amaranth. Quinoa come in flakes that can replace oatmeal. If you like oatmeal just make sure it is certified gluten free. Susan
  7. Hey, I'm in nearly the same boat as you. It has taken me 40+ years just to gain a few pounds. My normal weight for many years was 73 pounds. Only in the past year have I been able to gain and at last check up I was up to 85. That is just a few pounds under my 9 month pregnant weight. So yes there is hope. One thing I do for calories is eat dried fruit after my meal. I'm not hungry but I do it for the calories. My all time favorite for yum is to cook rice then mash an avocado and mix them together. Susan
  8. Snowedin, Welcome, Yes you are one of us. It is overwhelming at first. It looks like you have many of the neurological symtoms of celiac. The unidentified white spots are one. It also sounds like you have Dermatitis herpetforma which is the skin form of celiac. I have had a few times where dizziness was a side effect for me. It is best to start simple. As long as you just eat whole foods meats, fruit and vegetables. you may have to drop dairy for a while because the villi that absorb the lactose are damaged and need to heal. You will need a new toaster, pasta strainer and wooden spoons etc. Condiments are another issue. You need your own that has not touched wheat bread (mustard, mayo, butter, peanut butter, etc.) It will get easier as time goes on. One more thing all first degree relatives need to be tested. Hope that helped. Susan
  9. Take it from an old pro. Amy's zapped me too. Pre gluten free I could eat it. Once I went gluten free I ate one of Amy's and the next day the room was spinning for six hours. I'll never touch it again. That brand has too many CC issues. Susan
  10. Sky Blue I disagree with the other posters. You will start to heal on a gluten free diet and that will not really be your baseline. Also as you start to heal that could make the biopsy negative. I would continue to eat gluten until all testing is done. Susan
  11. I say yes to the bone scan. Here is my story. I was 50+ when I was at a health fair. A heal scan already was -3. I had done nothing to stop it. I looked up an osteoporosis doctor. My first scan confirmed I was a -3. I was started on Forteo and began calcium and vitamin D. I began to gain in bone density slowly. The whole time I am having malabsorbtion issues as I did for 20 years prior. I am currently on Prolia, probiotics, calcium and vitamin D and exercise (weight bearing) and I have finally stopped loosing bone. I still have osteoporosis but it is better. Susan
  12. I have used a Nomato sauce. It is a mixture of beets, carrots onion and spices. It can be ordered from this site. Just clicl on the Gluten-Free Mall tab under condiments. I also found a recipe and made it once. I live in Atlanta and there is one store here that carries it. Hope this helps. Susan
  13. I found out from experience O'Charley's is not a safe place for us to eat in. I am not sensitive at all and the one meal I had there I reacted to. It kept me on the pot for a while. Hope you feel better. Susan
  14. Udi's is the best bread around. I've had their bread, muffins, Cinnimon rolls, brownies and hot dog buns all are great. I would highly recommend Udi's. Susan
  15. Hay everyone! I hope all of you have a great day and get to eat all you want. Susan
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