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  1. I am suffering from allergies and eczema too and have tried lots of different things with minor success. Suffer from major brain fog too that holds me back in all my ambitions. Through Anthony Robbins 'Living Health' program I truly think I have found the solution. He bases his system for a great part on the work of Dr. Robert Young (http://www.phmiracleliving.com/ or http://www.snyderhealth.com/ ). He had great success and that's why he commercialised a lot, but you will get there by just getting his book on amazon .com (The PH-Miracle) and that will cost you just a dollar or 12. The problem is; your body is severely out of balance. Sometimes it will get to the better and of the scale and your symptoms reduce, but most of the time it just sucks. You need to get your body back into balance. That will, however, in my experience not work by just adding some miracle herbs and eliminating some foods. You have to change DRASTICALLY for a couple of months to totally bring your body back into balance. The question is; what is out of balance? The problem is that your body is too acidic. How did your body got so acidic? Some foods have an alkalizing effect, that means they add OH- ions too the body and some foods have an acidifying effect, that means they neutralize the OH- ions and add H3O+ ions. Chemistry, doesn't really matter for the further solution. The blood needs a pH value of 7.365 too operate and it will do everything to maintain its' value, even if it has too extract building blocks from other cells. This will make your body totally acidic. The problem with an acidic body is, that it is an excellent environment for germs, harmful bacteria, fungi, viruses, etc.. These produce elimination products that are acidic itself and so you are in a vicious cycle. Your body tries to get rid of this by all strange diseases which are generally suppressed by FDA certified drugs which just make things worse. You have to break this vicious circle and clean your body. You have to alkalize your body. This will take a long time (you will see effects within weeks, but total recovery may take months or years), because 1 gram of acidifying food takes about 20 grams of alkalizing food to neutralize. This means that you have to live ENTIRELY on vegetables, sprouts and low sugar fruits (tomatoes and avocadoes) for a couple of months. Further there are supplements that have an alkalizing effect that you have to use (green juices, Omega-3/Omega-6 unsaturated fatty acids) and other stuff that is outlined in the book. You completely have to cut out dairy, meat, coffee, sugar, etc... everything. Change DRASTICALLY and you will soon experience great healths again. The book outlines all the sources so that you can have a balanced diets with all necessary nutrition. You start with a transition diet (slowly remove all bad foods), then you do a cleanse and then you start to build your 'new' body and will obtain incredible health again. After balancing your body you can go back to a 70 percent alkalizing food diet and 30 percent acidifying food (but keep holding back on the real bad stuff; dairy, sugar, meat, etc.). I am on the program for six days now and I already experienced moments of great mental clarity, though my body is cleaning and I still have moments of huge mental fog, but I truly feel I am going in the right direction, because I am putting in NO bad foods at all anymore (all raw vegetables and sprouts, avocadoes and tomatoes+healthy complementary supplements). This just have to pay off sometime, I need this to bring my body back into balance. I will let you know how I am doing. I truly think an allergy or a disease is an effect, not a cause. Remove the cause (acid body, overgrowth of microforms) and you will experience great health again. Makes just a hell of a lot of sense. Go to your health store, test your pH level; if it is below 7, alkalize your body.
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