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  1. Did anyone see the show on discovery channel Dirty Jobs where he was making wine barrels? When they installed the tops and bottoms they used a flower, water, and saw dust to make a paste, that was used to seal the lid. Is it regular flower, do all barrel makers do the same, is the barrel washed after it swells tight, or is it sent straight to be filled with grape juice.
  2. I called McNeil the makers of Tylenol about Tylenol sinus congestion & pain sever, they said the old is gluten free, the new one with phenylephrine hcl has not been tested. Today I've had 2 coffee (less than usual)and my aciphex, was feeling fine, I took the above and now my gut is pulsating ,I'm real jittery. I looked up manufacturers of phenylephrine hcl and of course there are some in china. China, that's all I need to run to the hills. When they say they haven't tested it yet, I don't understand, I'm A contractor and there level of customer service sucks! I guess I'll just go to pirate mode and walk around growling, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR. AH HELL I'm out of here , I'm going fishing. My thoughts are going wild now. Anyone else?
  3. NEW DOCTOR? TELL THE OLD ONE TO DO RESERCH < MOST DOCTORS MEAN WELL. My cousin takes the research articles, from this site, to the doctor so he can learn too! Remember hit the print friendly button, when you read something supported by research, so you don't have to find it later.
  4. I Don't know, If your smoking , it lines the mouth and you swallow it? I read where gluten has a very high heat thing , to destroy it . Plus the gluten in glue . I could not quit smoking until I got the ones that had no additives.
  5. I spent a life time pop-in sinus medicine, taking antibiotics, doctors said I have allergies. I would buy the sinus medicine on sale and stock up, the people at the stores thought I was making something illegal, *%#!-Them. Now that I'm Gluten free I can breath through my nose and no sinus pain , migraine or allergies. If I get gluten-ed The pain returns and I get a sinus infection. Then I use Fonase and Tylenol Sinus Congestion & Pain Severe, I think its gluten free. It has Acetaminophen, Phenylephrine HCI, and Guaifenesin. The Guaifenesin is a expectorant and seams to help me the most. My sister uses Musinex with good success. A hot steamy shower can also help sometimes. or a sinus saline flush kit.
  6. Celiac is herreditary, Your mom is a canidate. But probabley won't listen. Planting the seed of information will get it started. My mom has a long list problems with good blood tests and all. My nephew was DX 18 months ago and me 6 months ago. Only now is she going gluten free. She would offer gluten free food to me, I would refuse out of fear of cross contamination. I will starve before I eat gluten and get a migrain that takes me to the hospital. She now has new pans and goes into a long "I made it gluten free, new pans, new wooden spoons ..."
  7. I had mine taken out when I was 9 , I recovered fast , I think, it was along time ago.
  8. Does anyone else get a reaction if they just smell a poision Bar-b-q smoke?
  9. leonidas : Do Not keep this from your commanding officer! YOU ARE A UNITED STATES MARINE AND SUBUJECT TO THE UCMJ ! You have fulfilled your duty in the greatest duty man will ever know !
  10. I like the red bridge, taste good, and I don't get sick. Barly tasts ucky!
  11. I Get attacked too. This year I've gluten free, and no bananas, NO Bites. I don't KNOW.
  12. Hi Justin, Welcome aboard. I was diagnosed 03/07 at age 38 with a lifetime of different symptoms. The List OF Forbidden Ingreedents from this web site, is what I have in my hands as I shop. When I start to get overwelmed, I try to remember, I'm one of the lucky ones diagnosed, so I now know whats up.
  13. Restrants, are you crazy, I can't handle it. I have had some good experiences, the bad ones stick out. From crutons picked off of a gluten free salad, Burgers dismanteled and slapped in potato tray, to having to figure out if its cross contamination. I skip them for now, I Will venture out when I have leaned more. I get glutened real easy, one smell of a charcoal bar-B-Q, oh boy ; Im hurtin.
  14. Bright Light, Bright Light, Bright light, I didn't know it was from the poision. bad sinus headach, back to bed after a strong pot of coffee, sore bone and joints, Anger and all the rest, sores on my scalp?
  15. It looks possable, My nephew was diagnosed, then me, and now it is most likely my mothers issues, very long list, are tied to gluten.
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