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  1. Hello Everyone, I am also a newbie. I was diagnosed with Celiacs on 3-19-07. I have also looked back over years of feeling bad most of the time, lots of stomach unrest, tired, grumpy, depressed, anxious and strange pains at odd places in my body. I ended up in the hospital in November, 2005 with severe diarrhea and dehydration. I remember the reason we didn't go to the hospital sooner was because my husband and I were used to stomach upset in me. I have been called a hypocondriac, I have been called someone who needs attention...etc. by so many of my loved ones. Anyway, I had salmonilla poisoning and was in the hospital for 6 days. I had a colonoscopy that found several benign polyps. The official diagnosis was colotis by food poisoning. Since then I have been sicker than ever and just blamed it on the colotis. I've had so many drs tell me to just take better care of myself. I finally had enough and the family dr told me there was nothing else she could do (all she had done was give me prevacid) and basically made me feel like I was crazy. She told me to go to the emergency room, if I really felt as bad as I was making it sound. I did just that and they referred me to my life saver, the gastro dr that in one visit spent 45 mins truly listening to me. He ordered an ultrasound and endoscopy and low and behold two weeks later I had a diagnosis. I do think I've always had celiacs disease, but the colitis really intensified the symptoms. My greatest source of guilt is that my little boy has stomach issues and I had him "checked" 3 years ago (not knowing about celiacs) and since they said everything was fine I just assumed he and I were the type of people who had stomach issues, and nothing could be done. I know better now and have had both children tested, awaiting results to the blood tests. Thank you for letting me ramble and get things off my chest, I just feel so relieved that I have a reason for all of this. Maybe I'm not crazy after all! Then again, maybe I am.
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