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  1. Hey, I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on gluten free restaurants and/or health food stores in Miami, Florida? I'm going to be visiting the area (specifically South Beach) soon and wanted to make sure I knew of some gluten free places beforehand. Thanks!
  2. In regards to your question about Starbucks' soy latte, it IS gluten free. I get that at least 1x everyday! Also, I find B12 injections are helpful with neurological symptoms. I take them once a month.
  3. I'm not sure - I've only tried a few of the basic ones - such as turkey and cheddar cheese. I don't believe all of them are gluten free, but quite a few are safe for us.
  4. I should add that the brownies are delicious and the cupcakes are, by far, the best gluten free ones I have had - much better than Risotteria's cupcakes (and I thought those were pretty good).
  5. They taste pretty good. I mean you can definitely tell that they are gluten free, but they were still fairly good. The only thing I didn't like about them was that they are primarily made out of corn meal and I have a minor corn sensitivity.
  6. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to let you know about a place that I found that makes gluten free arepas (sandwiches). It is located in NYC's Union Square Area at 857 Broadway between 17th and 18th streets. For more information, the website is: www.tisserie.com Enjoy!
  7. Hey Everyone, I just wanted to let you know about a bakery I found in NYC's East Village that sells gluten free brownies and cupcakes. It is called Pinisi Bakery and is located at 128 East 4th Street between 1st and 2nd Avenues. For more information the website is: www.pinisibakerynyc.com If you do not live in the area I recommend calling first as they do not always have the gluten free products. The # is 212-614-9079. Enjoy
  8. I was recently given some samples of Allerx to take for a week from my doctor. I was wondering if any one knows whether or not these are gluten free? Thanks!
  9. Thank you!!! This will be very helpful for my upcoming trip to this area!
  10. Does anyone know of any gluten free bakeries and/or restaurants in Valhalla, NY or the nearby surrounding area?
  11. Cafe Formaggio does have gluten free pizza and pasta now. I went there a few weeks ago and tried the pizza. It was very good and it tasted very similar to the pizza at Villa Milano in Manhassett. There is also another place nearby in Garden City that has gluten free pizza. It is called Plum Pizza. I believe all of the places order the crust from the same company, Still Riding Pizza, which is based in Connecticut.
  12. Could someone please clarify what is meant in the post above stating that Pamela's cookies have been found to be contaminated with gluten?
  13. Do the regular Cadbury eggs contain natural flavors?
  14. So it seems like the mini Cadbury eggs are not gluten free. Are the regular sized Cadbury eggs safe? Or safe as far as we know?
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