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  1. That is the beauty of this website. It was so helpful to me when I first found I was celiac. Your doctor just can’t give you all of the details; there are so many nuances and changing dynamics. It is good to know you’re not alone!👩‍👩‍👧‍👦
  2. I was diagnosed with hypoglycemia and heart palpitations and was then subsequently tested for diabetes, heart disease and insulinoma. After everything checked out good I looked at my supplements and found out that my recently acquired calcium was not gluten free (didn't have any gluten added but...
  3. Hi Tracy; I've never had the itching associated with PBC. The one thing I have learned is that vitamin deficiencies are more common than most Drs. believe. They have very little training in nutrition in medical school so don't have a background in it (plus there's no money in it) Just read...
  4. Hi Tracy; Sorry it took so long to get back here; holidays! There is an organization called pbcer's.org. I noticed there is a study being done to see if Vitamin D supplementation can have an effect on PBC; at Mount Sanai Hospital. It was too far away for me to participate in. Since most celiacs...
  5. Hi Tracy; I was diagnosed with Primary Billiary Cirrhosis before I found out about my Celiac Disease. I was on Urso (the only drug to treat PBC) for 4 years. The Urso kept my diarrhea in check, which was my reason for going to the gastroenterologist. My other symptoms of joint & muscle aches...
  6. Hi Jodi; When I first had the pain in my liver the Dr. diagnosed me with primary billiary cirrhosis and treated me with Urso which controlled my diarrhea, but after progressing to osteoporosis after 2 years of taking Actenol, they finally found Celiac. I have now returned my liver enzymes to normal...