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  1. I have a friend who has a two and half year old daughter who I think needs to be tested for celiac disease. I've spent several hours on the Internet researching celiac disease and there are enough red flags to make me suspicious. I don't want to get into the exact details because I think giving too much information would be overstepping a privacy boundary since I'm not a close relative. So at this time I would just like to ask this question to the parents of children with celiac disease. Were they late getting their baby teeth? Ive seen information about baby teeth having poor enamel, being prone to cavities, and losing them later than usual, but I can't find anything about late teething. However, it seems like plausible symptom. This little girl did not get her first baby tooth in until she was a year and four months. The pediatrician said they wouldn't consider this a problem up until two years of age, at which point it would be need to be investigated. She made it within that time frame, so that particular aspect of her development was never looked into.
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