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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. I am Catholic and just recieve wine at communion. Recently due to H1N1 flu worries my parish stopped providing wine at communion. As a Catholic this was very disturbing to me as I would be unable to recieve the eucharist which a vital part of our belief system. My church does provide a gluten free host but you have to arrive at church early enough to ask either the priest or the Sancrosanct(sp?) to make sure they have it in the dish that the priest delivers communion from. Then of course you have to make sure you receive it from the priest and remind him when you are up there. I have kids and all this is a bit of a hassle so I don't do it. However now I have to. Anyways there are gluten free hosts that are approved for use by the Catholic church.
  3. I agree completely. I feel that I have probably healed to the point of no longer reacting. However I feel that it would be only a matter of time until the damaged resumed. Therefore I will remain on the diet. However on the day my daughter gets married I will eat cake at her wedding. I think in my situation it will do me no long term harm to eat what I really want to on a very rare occasion. I have not found any pizza dough recipe, product or prepared that is even close to Star Pizza - Deep Dish Chicago sorry its the truth. The Redbridge beer tastes like well not like beer. The Belgium gluten free ales are pretty good but at $6.00 or more a bottle they are a little pricey. I have been able to replace many things from my previous diet. Many things I think taste better in gluten free form this is very true of fried foods as they are often crispier.
  4. Ok was diagnosed in Feb 2007. I had a positive antibody test and positive biopsy and I also have a family history with celiac. Have been on diet for over a year and a half. Prior to diagnosis I had bloating, constipation regularly and occasional loose stools with sever cramps, maybe twice a year. I have never been as sick as many on this board. After the start of the diet I had the expected hightened sensitivity to Gluten. My last accidental gluten was in September 2007 which resulted in loose stools, bloating and incredible bone aches. I have been 100% symptom free since then and had a antibody test done in the late spring that was near normal. My son's first b'day was earlier this month and I told my wife that I would have cake and plan on going out to eat real pizza after the party. So that is what we did. I ate cake, not very good and in hindsight, pizza and a pitcher of beer. What happened after that and since is absolutely nothing. I have not continued to eat gluten and I am still on the diet. I don't plan on going off either, but I may occasionaly go eat something I really miss once or twice a year. My father had been gluten free for over 10 years and then went completely off the diet and had been off over 4 years when he passed away from lung cancer after years of a 4 pack-a-day habbit. He too was symptom free over this time. I have read about silent celiacs which I suppose I was one. I have also read about studies on celiac patients going off the diet and remaining symptom free. Has anyone else had these experiences?
  5. The answer to your question is yes. I am not very symptomatic and was not before I was diagnosed. The only reason I got the diagnosis is my family history. Anyways I had a few episodes a year maybe 2-3 for the past few years. These episodes included severe cramps, stabbing abdominal pain, fatty stool and feeling crappy. They would last a few days at most. I had similiar episodes earlier in my teens and again in my twenties with several years in between. Some call this condition Silent Celiac. I knew pretty much what it was but ignored it as it was not impacting my quality of life. After finding out we are expecting our second child my wife asked that I get a physical. It is part of her nesting response apparently. I asked my doctor to do the blood tests which came back positive. I had the endo the next month and it showed Celiac w/ mild to moderate irritation and flattening of the Villi. I decided for longterm health reasons to go on the gluten-free diet. The bonuses have been loosing 20 lbs, and I have gone the longest period of time without a migraine ever since I started getting them in my late teens. I would get them once a month. I have not had one now in 8 months. The cons have been missing my normal diet. Since I was never very symptomatic the urge to cheat is much stronger. I have not strayed since the evening before my endo I ate an entire deep dish pizza and 2 pitchers of beer. Had my endo the next morning no problem. Got sick that evening.
  6. I was not very symptomatic before I was diagnosed. I have been gluten-free since 02/2007 and have noticed that now if I consume something unknowingly containing Gluten my reaction are more severe compared to my condition before going gluten-free. It is simply that my body became somewhat tollerant of the constant gluten in my diet. Now that its gone is reacts more to its occassional presence. Even then it is relative as my symptoms from a gluten ingestion are minor compared to others here on this forum.
  7. One of my best friends is a G.I. Unfortunately not local to me anymore. I told him I had a positive blood test and he refered me to the head of his old practice. That Dr. has been mostly great. His stepdaughter is Celiac and apparently very sensitive so his advice is some what slanted by that experience. He feels that nothing should be chanced but that it is also impossible to keep gluten completely out of your diet here in the U.S. unless you prepare all of your own food. He and I don't see eye-to-eye sometimes as I eat oats and he says I shouldn't etc.... but overall a good experience. I was fairly knowledgable about Celiac before I was diagnosed and it was that knowledge that led me to diagnose myself and ask my family practitioner for the tests.
  8. My wife found Gluten Free Gnocchi at Central Market here in Houston. I don't remember the maker but it was damn good. By they way you can find wheat free soy sauce. HEB, Whole Foods, Randalls, Central Market and others around here carry Jsan Wheat Free Soy Sauce. It has a slightly stronger taste than the other stuff but works just great. My wife and I ate Sushi yesterday for lunch. I just brought the bottle with me.
  9. The night before my Endoscope I ate an entire Large Pepperoni, Sausage, Mushroom and X-cheese deep dish pizza from Star Pizza and two pitchers of Shiner Bock Beer. I felt fine the next morning for my procedure and was fine that afternoon. Got sick as a dog that night. Absolutely worth it!!!!!
  10. I have tried them and also regular oats. I have had no reactions. However I will not vouch that you will not. There is a continous debate about oats on this board and in the research community. The trend has been that oats do not contain the gluten protien chain that causes the reaction in Celiacs. The problem lies more with the issues that oats are grown in fields that have been rotated with wheat and are often processed in the same facilities as wheat. This creates a significant possibility of cross contamination. So if you are a very sensitive celiac I would think long and hard before trying it. I would contact the company on the box and talk with them about what their opinion on what constitutes gluten-free. Be an educated consumer and take charge of what you eat. I have been reading every label and have now written hundreds of e-mails and letters to companies either complaining about their labels or praising them for being very clear. We have to give up so much with this diet. I researched this issue and decided to keep oats in my diet. Prior to being confirmed Celiac I ate oatmeal almost every morning. I enjoy eating it and really didn't want to give it up. I am not highly sensitive. I can use the same toaster and other kitchen pieces without fear of getting sick. I don't react quickly to being glutened and the reactions are mild compared to what many on this board report having.
  11. I would get into a GI immediately. You could have developed refractive sprue which can be very serious and require more dramatic treatment than just going gluten-free. The very next thing I would do is get a very good personal injury attorney and sue the son of a jerk that didn't relay the results and provide guidance to effective treatments. This is the definition of Malpractice.
  12. I had a positive blood test in late March during a physical. I stupidly asked for the test to be done since I had a family history. However I did have some symptoms but very mildly. I was scheduled for a Biopsy/Endoscope for early May and had been as gluten free as I could until then. The night before I went and ate at my favourite Pizza place here in Houston "Star Pizza." I ate a whole medium deep dish pizza and drank 2 pitchers of beer. My wife couldn't drink she is pregnant so I had her share too. I was fine the next day for my procedure. Went home and was fine. Got sick as a dog that night. Now having said that and been gluten free for 3-4 months I seem to have more issues now from accidental glutenings than I did when I was not on a gluten free diet. Apparently I am what is described as a silent celiac. My biopsy only showed mild irritation and atrophy. Like I said I only had loose stools a few times a year and no other major issues. Since I have been gluten free I have become more sensitive. Mostly I think I should have just left things well enough alone. I was not having major issues, and I was aware if I started to in the future then I would know the most likely cause. One bonus has been that I suffer from severe migraines, especially after being in the heat, I have not had one since being gluten free. Trying to decide if that is worth it or not. I plan on experimenting with a few things after my next Endoscope if my gut has healed up mostly. My next door neighbor is celiac. He drinks beer -- normal beer -- and doesn't react to it. He cannot drink wheat beer though. So I will give it a try. I will re-introduce oats in my diet completely. I do cheat on this one and have oatmeal for breakfast once in a blue moon. No reactions at all. When I do have a reaction is not as severe as the ones described above. I get pretty bad cramps and may or may not have D, no nausea at all. The cramps will leave my abb's sore the next day like I had a very heavy workout. I would look at like this. Its a Pavlov's dog scenario -- Cheat get sick and think your going die and that will pretty much kill that urge in the future.
  13. I have been gluten free since March 2007. I had my Endscope/biopsy done May 2, 2007. After consultation with my doctor he told me to stay off oats until my next endoscope. His argument goes along with what has been said above. It's a significant cross contamination problem. That being said before I was diagnosed I ate oatmeal almost everyday in my company cafeteria. I now eat pretty much only eggs and bacon. However I have slipped and eaten oatmeal a few times and had no reaction. I have now found some Barbara cerials brown rice crispies, and corn flakes that are gluten free (No Malt!!!!). I have found them to be very good. So I will stay off oats until I get a clean bill on my intestines. At that point I will add them back into my diet and see what happens.
  14. Valda, I was not speaking of necessarily this posting. I have seen many on here that would be very intimidating to someone completely new to this. I have experience with this with my father and the struggles he went through. As mother goose said there are several people on this board that have other issues that slant what they say and how they say it.
  15. Thanks, NoGluGirl Fortunately I had a pretty idea of what is good and not good. I will gladly add your list to the others that I have compiled. I put them all in Excel then sort them and eliminate the duplicates.
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