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  1. To get a good flour you would have to mix different flours together like rice, tapioca, etc. Or just go online to MrRitz.com and order his blend, it's the best. He has a gluten-free bakery in Philadelphia, PA. You can use his flour mixture to substitute any of your regular recipes!


  2. I am new to all this, although I am learning quickly. I am wondering though, can I take all my old cookie/dessert recipes and when it calls for wheat flour just substitute for another flour? Or is it better to just find new recipes online?
  3. I am a newbie to all this. Husband and son were both diagnosed recently. I love to bake and I know how to make my own noodles. Basically, I am having a hard time with how bitter these other flours are and someone mentioned that Sorghum Flour is sweet. Is this true? Can it be used like Wheat flour? Does anyone have any recipes using it? Thanx, Faith.
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