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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Lung Bacteria

    Well we spent the last month at childrens hospital. It turned out to be Cystic Fibrosis, not Celiac disease. Not to scare anyone, but, if your symptoms are not greatly improving on the gluten-free diet, maybe look in to CF. According to the CF doctors the symptoms are almost identical. CF is not just a lung disease, it also greatly affects the digestive system. It is genetic, and my husband, myself and our familys had no idea it was in our family history. Tracy
  2. I would like to know if anyone has had a bacteria(normally found in the lungs )show up in the doudenum. If you have, please let me know what your Dr. did about it, where did it come from etc. They found this, quote, "strange bacteria in his duodenum that is typically found in the lungs." We did a test yesterday for Cystic Fibrosis and waiting for results. The Dr. does not have any idea how this bacteria would be in his duodenum. Any help would be appreciated. Tracy
  3. Hi fraggle, A little of topic here but where in Summerland is this restaurant? We moved north from Penticton a few years back and do not remember hearing that name. We come back south to visit family quite often and my son would love fish and chips. Tracy
  4. Bacteria

    Thanx for all of your replies. kirst4588, you ask if he had a biobsy before. We went through the motions but due to an asthma attack under anesthetia, they had to abort the procedure before getting any samples. Tracy
  5. My son has not improved enough on the gluten-free diet and his ttg levels are extremely high after 9 months. His Dr. did his biopsy again and took other samples. Today they told me he has a bacteria in his duodenum " we are trying to make heads or tales of this, we will call you when we know more" Has anyone else had this, if so what is it and how is it treated, is it related to Celiac disease? Thanx for any opinions Tracy
  6. Well, my son was diagnosed with Hypothyroid at 3 months of age. They did not think it was hypothyroid because when you are Hypo, your over weight. The reason for this, explained by his Endocrinologist is, his Pituitary gland was working overtime to compensate for the lack of his Thyroid Gland. His thyroid levels were normal but the pituitary levels were high. He was almost 8lbs. when born but after 1 years old he was still in his infant car seat, those were only up to 20lbs. He in now 7 this month and just weighs 40lbs. We discovered this Celiac condition last fall and are still weighting to see noticable improvment. His stools have always been very loose and yellowy orange, floated, stunk something awfull, and had what appeared to be fat floating in toilet. Dr's told me not to worry, no big deal. So, I figured it was because he ate alot of cheese (the fat content). NOw we finally know different. He also had a very bloated looking tummy, he looked like he was pregnant or more like he was a poster child for a 3rd world country. He also had an extremely horrible temper. Tracy
  7. Does anyone know of any other conditions that can give you a high Tissue Transglutaminase# ? My son has been gluten-free for about 7 months and his numbers have gone up, not down. We have exhausted all other possibilities. He is going for another biopsy next month.
  8. Oops, sorry. When I said flour I meant Rice flour, tapioca flour, garfava flour etc. As for switching brands, it is the only health food store in my part of the province and I drive 2 hours to get thier. The health food store told me it was appropriate for celiacs. She better not be wrong because I can only imagine how many other people are using the same flour since this store is the only one that sell these types of foods. Tracy
  9. Is their anyone here that buys flours from Westpoint in Vancouver BC Canada? It is a whole sale company that distributes it the health food stores. If you do, can you give me your opinion on any reactions to the flour? The reason I am asking is I wonder if it is contaminted. Since my son has been gluten-free, his Tissue Transglutaminase numbers have gotten worse, doubled.
  10. It actually was the GI nurse that gave me the blood test results when I phoned. She said she would check with the Dr. and get him to call me. She also said I should also look at his symptom not just the numbers. I have not taken him off dairy, I thought he was taking it fine ( how would I know otherwise)? His bowel movements are normal almost always, his bloated abdomen I think has gotten smaller and he has been growing about 1/8-1/4 inch a month (but maybe this is normal for a 7 yr. old). I am very careful about cross contamination. If their is a possibility of contamination, I do not buy him that brand of food. It is possible to get contamination from school or ( maybe his dad). But the occasional contamination or accident would that cause his numbers to be twice as high as before he was gluten free? Tracy
  11. I just spoke to my sons GI doctor today and now feel sick to my stomach. Last summer my son was tested for celiac, his Tissue Transglutaminase was over 100. He has now been gluten-free for about six months. We re- tested to see if his numbers had dropped, so I know if he truly is gluten-free. Here is the kicker, his numbers now are over 200. How can this be? Could they have screwed up the test? Even if he was getting Cross contamination from somewhere, would his numbers atleast have dropped a bit, not doubled? Any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Tracy
  12. My son is almost 7 years old, he has no signs of loosing his baby teeth. Do Celiac children loose these teeth later than most others? Also, his baby teeth appear smaller than other children his age but otherwise look healthy. Is their any way to tell if his adult teeth will be healthy? I've seen some photos of Celiac childrens teeth and this has me scared. Do I need to find a dentist that is familiar with this disease? Tracy
  13. Gluten In Spices?

    I called them in December, they told me" they were gluten-free and produced on a gluten-free line, BUT, in the new year this may change" You might want to call on this again. In my store, I have noticed new labels on thier spice jars, so maybe it has changed. Keep in mind I am from Canada and do not know if what they told me applies to U.S. Tracy
  14. British Columbia, Canada
  15. Does anyone know of any gluten-free sunscreen brands? Specifically in Canada, but even U.S. to get me started. Thanx Tracy