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  1. Alright, you're going to think I've lost my mind here. Back story: diagnosed with Celiac in 2007. I've been gluten free since then. No cheating whatsoever, I swear. Of course I've gotten cross contamination and I KNEW it as soon as it happened, every time. The misery is enough to keep me gluten free otherwise. But even being gluten free, I still had stomach problems (mostly with constipation). Follow up biopsy looked great, and after Doctor visits and discussions, we all just figured that's just they way I am. I had a baby in August. All through the pregnancy, I felt pretty "normal" as far as my stomach issues. Even after he was born, I still felt like I always did. If I caught a trace of gluten, it was bad news. Weird part: sometime before the holidays I realized my stomach problems were almost completely gone. I've done nothing different. I'm still gluten free because I'm too scared NOT to be. But I can say I've eaten out a lot more lately and although I always go through the rigamaroll of ordering gluten free, I have a hard time believing I've gotten no cross contamination lately. I also have fewer problems with other things like dairy and raw vegetables. I wouldn't have touched any of that stuff a short while ago. Oh the awful things that a milkshake could do to me! But my tolerance of lots of formerly forbidden foods has improved dramatically. Even my reflux is better. A friend told me she knew someone who's Celiac was gone after she had a baby. I don't believe Celiac just goes away, but I will tell you I haven't felt this good in years. Am I grateful and enjoying it? You bet! But it's weird. Is this just a reprieve? How long can it last? If I stay gluten free, can I enjoy this the rest of my life? Or is it lurking waiting for something to trigger it again? Anybody got any feedback for me? Thanks!! Lindsay
  2. Thanks Ladies, I have since seen my OB/GYN who was familiar with Celiac but admitted that she'd never had one as a patient before. Great... Anyway, I also saw my GI Dr yesterday. According to the testing I had done earlier this year, my absorption was good and my guts had healed well, my bone density scan was really good, and my blood tests were negative for Celiac, (those numbers had been very high when I was eating gluten so they have been good indicators so far). He told me that if he hadn't seen all that good news, he'd be concerned. But since my body seems to have recovered well I shouldn't worry too much as long as I stay gluten-free. Thanks again!
  3. Hi! I have been gluten free for almost 2 years and am doing fairly well. I still see my GI Dr for GERD and constipation issues, but believe I am gluten free only because I feel HORRIBLE if I get gluten. Anyway, I see my usual OB/GYN later this week for my first pregnancy visit but I don't have a lot of faith that he will be knowledgeable with Celiac. Maybe I will be surprised, but I doubt it. Does anyone have a suggestion for a good OB/GYN in northern Illinois or southern Wisconsin? I'd really appreciate some names and am feeling pretty lost at this point. Everything I've read said as long as I'm gluten free, everything should be fine. But I'd feel better if I was seeing someone who at least understood Celiac. Thanks!!
  4. I LOVE Red Robin! Mine was in Davenport, IA and they brought me a printout of how to order (I got the low carb lettuce wrap burger and cole slaw). But my little printout told me to avoid the fries, despite them being in a dedicated fryer. But you all have good luck with them?? Hmm, might have to try them next time I go.
  5. You are absolutely not the only one!!! I've known I was allergic to tree nuts for years. Even as a little kid I had a hard time explaining how weird my throat felt if I ate a cookie with walnuts or something in it. (Hello?!?!? That's the feeling of your throat closing!) I'm not sure if I would be considered anaphylactic or not, but I react with a swelling throat, I get all sweaty and shaky, and then I vomit. My reactions have actually gotten a little worse over the years, but I've never had to carry a shot or medication or anything. It's still a meserable and terrifying experience to get a nut by mistake though. Anyway, I was diagnosed with Celiac this Spring. I have been pretty happy with the Enjoy Life Brand products I've tried. I've eaten the Snickerdoodle cookies and the trail mix, and they aren't bad. It's very nice to know I can trust they are nut and wheat free. I am lucky enough to NOT be allergic to peanuts, and hope the same is the case with you. I just made peanut butter cookies this weekend: 1 cup peanut butter, 1 cup sugar, 2 eggs, 1 teaspoon of vanilla, and a glug of molasses. (Chill the does as it's sticky) Bake at 350. Nobody should have to love without cookies!!! Plus, with these you don't have to go buy any special flours or anything. Hope it helps!!
  6. Hey, thanks Cleveland Bob! I am unsure of where we'll be staying. The show is at the IX Center and last time we stayed out by the airport. They guys I will be with tend to like to go downtown for at least one nice dinner. We don't have PF Chang or Carrabbas around where I live so those might be good places to go if I get the opportunity to specify. I expect, tho, that they'll want a nice steak place that's not a chain. I just figure if anyone has had good experiences in any particular places, I can just nicely explain to my coworkers that if they want me well enough to help at the show, they best find me some non contaiminated food!
  7. I am slowly making progress with eating out on occasion. My biggest issue is speaking up, but I'm working on it! So what do you all do when faced with eating out for breakfast? How do you order? I really miss Sunday mroning breakfast with my family at the local dive... Okay, well I suppose a "dive" is not an ideal palce to ask for gluten free, lol, but seriously, if I'm at a decent place, how do I instruct them? Any feedback would be great. Thanks!
  8. So how 'bout it? Does anybody recommend good places to go in Cleveland who will feed me?? I don't mind figuring out my own breakfasts and lunches, but there are usually large get-togethers for supper, and I'd love to be prepared. Thanks!!!
  9. Huge hugs to you for all you're doing. I too immeidately thought they should get you discharged. But it doesn't sound like you consider that an option. So, that in mind, I have to agree with the other gal who said you should increase your water. Sorry, I've forgotten her name.) Way back when, before I even ahd symptoms, I lost weight on the South Beach Diet. The biggest initial hurdle was how to stop the cravings. And the increase in water as well as lean meats and veggies (not available to you unfortunately) will help reduce those gluten cravings. You could even notice a difference in just a few days. Hang in there and stay safe!!!
  10. I've found that a heating pad set to low really gives me relief when I have stomach pain from gluten. Just try not to fall asleep with it on!!! I didn't realize the acid reflux and stuff goes hand in hand with Celiac. That explains a lot, lol.
  11. Aw, jeez, that's no fun! Well, my first thought was to re-gift, so as to get that card out of your sight as quickly as possible. But do you suppose they'd refund you if you went in and asked? Might be more trouble than it's worth but who knows? I've come to the conclusion that it's not that people are mean, it's just that since they don't live with this (and have to THINK about it as much as we do) they forget. OR they don't really understand it. I actually heard a lady at our support group tell a story where her friend made some cookies and told her she should be able to eat them as long as she took little bites and ate them very slowly... Ah, gotta love those good intentions... I now find myself racing past the table in our lobby at work. There are 4 gift boxes of chocolates out there!!! Fannie Mae even! sob... Hang in there.
  12. Well, there's lots of good advice here and I'm only popping in for moral support. In May, oh heck even in June and July, I was in the same boat as you, frustrated and feeling hopeless. I can distinctly remember thinking I might as well just eat whatever since I already feel like crap. But please just keep doing the best you can. Be diligent, and read those labels. When in doubt, call the company and ask. And don't be afraid to speak up for yourself! It took me a number of months to feel better, so hang in there. It'll be worth it. I can honestly say I feel lots better and have even lost my faux pregnancy belly, lol. Oh, and I love the Ore Ida fries. I've never eaten the Crispers. I think I avoided them because they appeared to have a weird breading on them, but I don't honestly know what the label said. Anyway, as a former lover of McDonald's fries, I recommend their extra crispy fast food fries. Take care!
  13. Hi Katie! Before I was diagnosed, I found that straight milk and some ice creams really bothered me. But most cheeses didn't seem to. So I avoided milk but kept eating cheese. Now that I've been gluten-free for about 7 months, I've found that milk is okay again. My point is, everyone is different, so if you have trouble with something avoid it. You might find out later that you've healed enough that you can re-introduce some things again. As for soy, I've had no trouble with it, and now love soymilk. I still drink it even tho I could drink the regular again. But, yes, you have to be careful with soy sauce as some of it has wheat. Read the labels, though, since some are okay. I think I have WalMart's GV brand at home and it SAYS it's gluten free. Good luck!
  14. Hi All! It's been awhile since I posted, but know I can count on some good feedback here. I was diagnosed via blood test and upper GI in May. It's been a bit of a struggle, but I'm feeling really good nowadays. As with many of you who are healed and/or healing, I didn't know how lousy I felt until I get better! Anyway, for the past month, I've noticed a reduced appetite. That didn't bother me (for obvious reasons ) as before I was gluten free, my appetite was huge, and I was actually gaining weight. So I assumed the reduction in food consumption was a natural result of my intestines healing and being able to absorb the nutrients I took in. I've lost about 10 pounds in the past month, which is fine too, and I could stand to lose a few more. But I've noticed now my gums bleed easily when I brush my teeth, I get tired easily, and I get these little weird bruises on my thighs that take awhile to go away. And this is really weird, but I have never been a big meat eater, but now that's all I want anymore. I think I am actually craving protein. I have no medical background at all, but I wondered if I'm anemic?? I was never anemic before I was diagnosed (I was lucky and got a DR who found this pretty quickly) so why would I be anemic now if that's what's going on? Has anyone had these types of symptoms after going gluten-free? I take a daily vitamin, but given my history of Celiac constipation, I would like to avoid an iron supplement. My stomach is sooo much better, no longer distended, and let's just say my guts are working without any help these days. So what's the deal with this new stuff?? Any info would be a big help. I go back in for a check up in early January, so it won't be long before I see a Dr., but I feel I can get a lot of reinforcement from you all. Thanks!!!
  15. Hi Dahlia! I can't add much if anything to what's already been said, other than to echo that if you were diagnosed years ago, ya still got it! AND I also support the idea that your parents may have been very misinformed back then. There are still people out there who don't understand, and still others who CHOOSE not to understand. Yes, yes, yes, go gluten free. It won't hurt you for sure. The only thing I would caution you against is if and when you get to a doctor who will test you, they might want some gluten in your system to see if your body is reacting to it the way it does with Celiacs. Oh, and you're in the right place!! Lins
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