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  1. i have been gluten free about 5 years. i just ate a gluten (normal) hotdog bun, thinking by mistake it was gluten free. i have not eaten gluten by accident since i first started the diet. the only time i have gotten sick is by cross contamination. i tried to throw it up it didnt work. i already feel off, worried about getting real sick does anyone know how to get it out of your system faster? or anything that will make it so i dont get very sick?
  2. thanks! do you have Moon Dough there? Its a little crumbly but my little guy likes it since you can still roll it and put it into molds. inexpensive like play doh which is a plus. here is a link http://www.moondough.com/
  3. My three year old son will be starting preschool Sunday school in a few weeks. He used to go, but was always getting sick from all the other children snacking at touching and sharing of toys. My church has decided to try to make the room gluten free (yay!!!) and they asked for a list of craft supplies that are gluten free. Off the top of my head all I could tell them that moon dough was a safe thing to replace the play dough with. I have been looking all over the internet trying to find some printable list, but I cant even seem to find an updated one. I would hugely appreciate it if someone could point me in the right direction. Also if there are anything about preschool besides snacks, and craft supplies I over looked. Thanks
  4. i think i might start the Y soon, i haven't heard of any curves around here. but i don want to start doing something before i go in public i dont want to be laughed out of wherever! im a little self-conscious, i have lost a lot of weight in the past few years and think i look like a junkie or sick. i just bought some ankle and wrist weights, i was hoping walking with those would help. i have been taking caltrate with D for about 2 months. tho the dr.s office called with y new lab results and told me to take additional D two more times a day. i will admit i haven't started to do that, it seems excessive.
  5. just found out that i have bone loss, and dr said i need to start strength training. i asked which exercises and she handed me some photo copied papers with very old people doing leg lunges LOL do any of you have some ideas of how to start slowly but get a nice exercise routine going? i am 29, but sorta weak. i would love to get stronger, and the dr says there is a chance to stop the bone loss and even gain some back. what have you all tried?
  6. so i really dont know much if anything at all about dh. but i have a rash on my face and its getting bigger, if thats a good word for it. it started out a few months ago as a red mark near the side of my mouth. then it slowly started spreading out. its red and flaky. kinda looks like a breakout, but the "spots" aren't all the same size and are kinda flat. i have stopped wearing make-up and i only use my face wash a few times a week now. i use my face lotion before bed, but it has not glutens. this rash or whatever it is is now above my eye and i just saw more on my eyelid tonight. that part itches. the rest hasnt been itching. when i accidentally scratched it burned! this is starting to get embarrassing, its red, some days more noticeable than others, and somedays super flaky. is this what DH is? and can a celiac suddenly get it? i dont cheat on my diet, but every couple of months i might get a cross contamination.
  7. my son is a celaic and we are waiting to hear if oldest daughter is. but both of them get very bad dry scalp. we also use dove. but every other to every third hair washing we use head and shoulders, which is safe. and they have some nice smelli g ones these days. i have also found that not washing their hair every night helps a lot! hope this helps
  8. hello all. my 9yr daughter got her blood tested and the dr said it came back fine. but my son just got diagnosed with celiac through a biopsy. his blood work also came back fine, so fine that the dr was shocked to see anything in his biopsy. so my question is, should i ask to get my daughter scoped as well? she has been having stomach issues on and off for months. and she has been complaining of little sores on her gums. they hurt but they are gone within a few days. i am a celiac and i have gotten sores like that sometimes after getting glutened. my daughter used to have all kinds of problems when she was a baby through toddler hood. im starting to wonder if it was all symptoms. she would get hives all the time, we could never figure out why. she was pretty small. and i was always taking her to the dr for diarrhea. they told me sometimes little kids will have chronic diarrhea for years then out grow it. which she did. she also started getting taller and caught up to girls her age. i didnt get diagnosed till 3 years ago. so im not sure if she could have had symptoms for a few years. then none at all for so long. i dont want to request a scope if its unneeded. so, im stumped
  9. thank you all for your great suggestions! we did try going to sams and buying fruit chew snacks in bulk. we brought it to the class and explained about replacing the snacks that were there. the teachers said it would be ok if we brought stuff to replace. and they said they wouldn't give out cookies or other "bad" things while our son was in class. when we went to pick him up he was having a cup of gold fish crackers. my husband ran over to him and took them away. my poor kid had no idea what was going on, he thought his dad was mad at im and started crying. i feel awful for him, his stomach has been a mess since this happened. im not sure what to do, other than to keep him home. but that doesn't seem right either, he loves his friends there. im feeling a little defeated.
  10. hello all my son just turned two and has been diagnosed with celiac with a biopsy last month. the problem is when we are at church and he is in his classes. it is near impossible to keep the other children's snacks away from him. and even if he doesn't eat their treats he still gets a hold of their sippy cups or all the crumbs on the tables and toys. if we could find gluten free animal cookies or something similar to replace what is offered in his class, that would make it safe for him. does anyone know where we can order snacks in bulk? thanks so much
  11. a friend of mine gave me 8 big bags of muffin mix, fro soy delight. it made a ton! but im not sure how you store soy baked goods? the bags they came in were blank other than baking directions. after i let the muffins cool i put them all in tupperwares and into the fridge. but i usually leave my baked goods out on a counter in airtight containers, so they dont get hard in the fridge. so what do i do with the soy baked goods??
  12. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  13. well doctors at times can be very helpful but.... at other times not so helpful, "celiac whats that? like a capricorn or a leo or something." but thank God for forums like this! when you think you are going crazy or turning into a hyprocondreact, there is other people here to understand what all the worry is about! but here is an update on my sons rash. the bumps that were on him did end up spreading to his torso too. they continued to get worse on the back of his arms and legs. but finally it all started to fade everywhere but on his legs. his legs became scaley and cracked. they feel so dry and scratchy, but they dont seem to bother him. i have been slathering on aquaphor and that seems to help. he goes to the dr in 2 weeks for a baby well check up and i am going to ask for a referral for a dermatologist.
  14. anyone know a good celiac doc in or near the virginia beach area?
  15. i read the response with my husband.... i hope thats not what my problem is! that is scary stuff!!! but if its rare, hopefully i just have some common easliy fixed thing i mean if i gotta wish for a gut problem, that aint the one i want
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