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  1. My friend who eats dairy free gave me this recipe and it can naturally be made gluten-free. Served it last night for dessert and the whole family loved it! Pumpkin Pecan Pie 1 unbaked crust (I crumbled gluten-free cookies and added melted butter and sugar & pressed in pie pan) 15oz can pumpkin 1/3c brown sugar 1/3c white sugar 3/4t. cinnamon 3/4t. ginger powder 2 eggs beaten topping: 1/4c butter, 1/2c brown sugar, 3/4c chopped pecans Heat oven to 350. Beat all ingredients, except topping & pour into unbaked crust. Bake for 40minutes. May need to cover outside crust w/ foil so it doesn't brown too much. Mix topping until crumbly and sprinkle on pie and cook 25minutes more. Cool and refrigerate 1 to 2 hours.
  2. Thanks all! Maybe I'm over thinking this too much. I just wanted to replicate her recipe and didn't know if just adding a gluten-free gravy pack would ruin it. I guess I have to experiment as usual :0)
  3. thank you both! Most of the time we can make things gluten-free and just substitute, but then we have to be challenged!!
  4. My friend gave me a recipe for Italian Beef Sandwiches and you add a packet of Au Jus gravy dry seasoning pack to the crock pot. Are any of these gluten free? Or how do I make my own for this? Any ideas?
  5. Thanks Nora for the information. I'll check it out.
  6. I spent months working w/ a nutrtionist, cutting out food groups, adding more protein, more HCl/digestive enzymes etc. to no avail. Then, I really started concentrating on my thyroid/adrenals instead and did extensive testing. All trying to "guess" what was wrong with me despite going gluten-free. Kept getting worse and worse. I've been around the block for 2 years with thyroid/adrenal issues. I've seen multiple doctors, have tried multiple combo's of thyroid pills. Found out recently I'm actually Hypopituitary and my adrenals are in major shut down as well as my thyroid. Right now I'm working with hydrocortisone to get my adrenals supported and am trying a T3 only for now since I also have High Reverse T3. May try armour again down the line. All of my hormones are low normal due to the hypopit. Glad I found it out finally, but very difficult getting better. When i found out I had Celiac's, I thought that was the end all be all of my health problems, but a year later, i am much more sick despite going gluten free. That's why with my recent re-testing, I now realize how much more my thyroid/adrenals are causing my health problems than the gluten. Very frustrating. I do have a current doc who will give my meds, but I've had to figure it all out myself. Thanks for asking.
  7. Here were my enterolab results a year ago: antigliadin igA 15 transglutaminase igA 18 fecal fat 771 one celiac/one gluten gene Anyway, I've been gluten-free one year and retested the fecal fat score which came back 288 (normal). I have a lot of other health problems mostly thyroid/adrenal and being gluten free hasn't really helped me at all, unfortunately. I feel like I've been spinning my wheels with this gluten thing for a year, becoming "obsessed" with cross contamination etc. The only thing I notice if I eat gluten is constipation. Based on this new test score, I am led to believe that going gluten free has helped me even if it hasn't shown up in my health right? It must mean that why I feel so bad is related to something besides the Celiac right? It has been a mystery to myself and the doc's why going gluten-free hasn't helped me. Thanks!
  8. Thank you all for your responses. I did have a long talk with both my ND and nutritionist about this and why I didn't seem to react at all and neither one of them were surprised at all. They said based on how much damage I still have and because I have the chronic fatigue. I was just disappointed because I am paranoid I'm getting gluten in even though I'm so careful and now I truly won't know because I don't have an immediate reaction. I guess I'll keep plugging along like everyone else
  9. Ok, I've been gluten-free 7-1/2 months, but haven't gotten better. My main complaint is chronic fatigue. I also have Hashimoto's. So I decided to try some gluten because I really don't have an obvious symptom when I eat it. Last night we went to Pizza Hut and I ate pizza/breadsticks. I was expecting something awful to happen, but honestly no reaction!! After avoiding it for this long, something is wrong! I am meticulous about where it is in my food, don't eat at restaurants, careful in the kitchen..... I am so paranoid that I must be getting it in, but cannot figure this out at all. Why wouldn't I feel terrible from eating all of that? I was diagnosed by enterolab. Maybe they mixed me up with someone else? How can I continue this process when this happened? Any thoughts?
  10. I usually use Chebe pizza mix and have really enjoyed it until now. Last night I used Ener G egg replacer because I'm eliminating eggs right now. It was awful! Chalky, chewy, falling apart. What did I do wrong? How else can I make my stand by pizza crusts without eggs? Any advice? Thanks!
  11. Thank you Rachel for all of your help and knowledge! Thank you also for the list of tests. That is very helpful for me. My nutritionist is trying to get me the CDSA as we talk so hopefully I can start there.
  12. itchygirl, Yes you see an associate of Mercola's trained by him for $2700, which covers 2 days of visits/tests Rachel, By the way, what IS the CAUSE of leaky gut? Your reasoning sure makes a whole lot of sense, but how do you test the cause of it?
  13. Rachel, Thanks for your help. A lot to think about!! I've had 2 Myers and have felt awful after both. Not sure what that means?! A detoxing perhaps? No, I have never had blood testing for deficiences, only energetic testing. To complete what you said about assuming what is wrong - my husband told me tonight he is tired of me doing that and I need to get tested right for these things. So please lay it out for me clearly what are the best tests for? Heavy Metals - ( I know provoked urine and hair analysis to verify, right?) Candida - blood antibodies: what is it called? maybe MD could run it Parasites/Bacteria Infections - stool test? does it matter which one? Leaky Gut - your above mentioned urine test Food Allergies - Elisa if I decide to do that Vitamin/Minerals - any particular one here? just one MD runs covered by insurance?! You are so helpful! THANK YOU!!
  14. Sorry, another question: should I continue the Myer's cocktail? My nutritionist highly recommends it. Couldn't I just assume I have parasites, infections etc. and do humaworm? I want to make it clear that I don't know if I am reacting to foods at all or all. Why I'm not getting better being gluten and dairy free is a mystery. Is it my hashimoto's? This ND says we have to address the immune system. What is the name of the urine test for leaky gut? Sorry so many questions. I just need some direction!
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