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  1. I have been DX'd with DH by biopsy. My scalp problems were very similar to those described until I went on a strict gluten-free diet. I think it took a couple of months for my head to completely heal, but I rarely have a flare-up now unless I get glutened. I do have flare ups when I take anti...
  2. K - Scary story! How did you get the extra hair layer out? Ever since I read your post I've been feeling my head for lumps! None so far.... Now about those little bumps... I think it's important to use gluten-free shampoos, etc., but I understand the gluten antibodies take a long time to get...
  3. I believed the sores in my scalp and along my hairline were reactions to wheat in my shampoo. I switched to a gluten-free shampoo and hair coloring and they went away. Since then they come and go (as does my DH) so a realize they must be due to a slip up in what I eat. My shampoo is still gluten...