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  1. I am the other way around. I had been gluten free already for 3 years. I had to start eating it to get the bloodwork. I started getting unbelievably sick after 10 days or so. Went to the doc on the 17th day, and she said that I hadn't been on it long enough to get an accurate result, I'd probably false neg. She said to go back to the gluten free diet immediately, because there was no way I would last long enough to get the results, wait for a biopsy appt., etc. I almost went to the emergency room the night before my doctor's appointment. What's weird is that I was fine for the first 10 days of eating gluten. It was then that I took a steep drop. Got a bunch of sores in my mouth, severe abdominal pain, lost 8 pounds in 3 days, horrible diarrhea, total brain fog, no short term memory, mumbling, stuttering, inability to make eye contact, sleeping for 14 hours, sleeping through alarms for 6 hours. So on and so forth. My doctor said I would have to get a diagnosis in the future, because it does matter whether you are or are not actually celiac. She said she likes to have her Celiac patients biopsied every couple of years because there is the chance of small bowel cancer. She said to consult the GI because you can usually get an accurate result from a biopsy after eating gluten for a much shorter period of time before the bloodtest would pick it up.
  2. I am being tested tomorrow. I had been gluten free for 3 years prior to eating it now in preparation for the test. I made it about a week and a half with no symptoms other than a bit more gas than normal and a bit of bloating. After that week and a half mark, I took a turn for the worse. Started getting really sick, extremely watery diarrhea, brain fog, zone outs, black outs, joint pains, muscle fatigue, weight loss, generally feeling like I am slowly dying. I had such severe abdominal pain at work this evening that I was contemplating a trip to the ER. I decided that I was going to feel like poop anyway, so I might as well be at home where I feel most comfortable. Not sure if my 16 days of gluten will be enough for an accurate blood test, but I honestly can't see myself making it another day of eating this way. There's no way I could keep eating it the entire time I'm waiting for results, and waiting for the biopsy pending a positive blood test. Wouldn't be possible, unless I had some oxy and a month off work. Perhaps my symptoms are so severe because I was gluten free for 3 years?
  3. To the best of my knowledge, if you have burps and farts that smell like sulfur, it is likely that you have an H.Pylori infection. Usually accompanied by nausea, bloating, fatigue, diarrhea. Antacids usually help for a couple of hours, but it comes back. Symptoms usually worsen at night.
  4. Yeah, I've got it scheduled now for Thursday. They told me it was $120. I have been eating gluten regularly for 2 weeks now. I feel awful, so I am assuming the test should yield accurate results. Thanks for the reply.
  5. Hello, Quick backstory... I'd been gluten free for about 3 years up until a few weeks ago. Over the three years I saw improvements, but definitely not a complete recovery. I still get occasional flare ups, I'm always bloating with a sense of fullness in the abdomen. One of my primary symptoms has always been a complete inability to digest fats. When I talked to my doctor several years ago, she suggested the gluten free diet and hinted at celiac disease, with malabsorption being a common symptom. At this time I was passing not only undigested fats, but also 100% identifiable foods that looked the same as they had on my plate, as well as oil. I could not gain a pound of weight. Fast forward 3 years, the gluten free diet definitely resolved my constant, nagging abdominal pain and discomfort. I lost most of the joint pains, brain fog, etc. Still feel extremely fatigued at all times. I have near constant nausea which varies in severity. Food of all kinds makes me sick to my stomach. I associate food with pain and suffering. I experience severe and debilitating pain in my upper left abdomen. Over the counter pain relievers do nothing. When the pain is bad enough, I get sweats, fever, in extreme cases I'll vomit. The higher the fat content of the food that is causing it, the worse the symptoms become. I still cannot gain weight, I'll often lose weight when I get sick/have too much fat. I ultimately came to the conclusion that my pancreas was having some serious issues. I had an ultrasound of my pancreas, gallbladder, bile ducts, etc. and was scheduled for an appointment with a GI in AUGUST. Apparently I was put on priority, but the best they could do was August, regardless. Not entirely sure what the ultrasound showed, either. I was never told. As soon as I got word of this wait time I decided to try gluten again, see if that was in fact a problem for me, or what. It took two weeks of enjoying real foods before I started to feel off. Even now it's intermittent, but I do feel weird on the inside. It took two weeks before I noticed a definite change in "regularity." Whatever is wrong with me has ruined my entire childhood, most of my teen years. I had to drop out of high school at 14. I completed GED testing(very well) and now I'm trying to prove my worth to the University of Guelph so I can try to do something with my life and become something. I'd like to figure out what is wrong with me before I start there in Sept. assuming they accept me. I basically have to explain to them why I am in the situation that I am. It's kind of hard without actually having names for what's wrong with me. Anyway, long story short. Does anyone know what the quickest way is to obtain the blood test in Ontario? I know it's $150 or something outrageous, but I want to know if I'm poisoning myself right now! Thanks, John EDIT: Should also add that I had what was considered Autistic tendencies up until I started eating gluten free.
  6. Panopticism

    Having Pain From Eating Non Gluten Foods

    Judging by the sickness after eating oil, I'm going to guess that you have either gastroesophageal reflux disease, or that there is something wrong with your gallbladder and/or pancreas. Along with oil, do you feel ill after eating foods containing a significant amount of fat? On top of celiac disease, I live with GERD as well as some so far undiagnosed issue with my gallbladder or pancreas. I am constantly in pain. A good way to tell is if your stool floats or you can actually see fat or oil in it, that would indicate a problem breaking down fats. Also, if you have pale stools, there is more than likely something wrong with your gallbladder or pancreas. Bile is what makes your stool brown, if you do not have enough bile in your system, it will come out pale.
  7. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  8. Panopticism

    Weight Gain After Gluten Free?

    Cool. I couldn't gain a damned pound to save my life. I've been gluten free for 11 months I think now, and I'm still way underweight. I eat so much, too. I'm broken. By the way, I'm a 19 year old male, 125lbs.
  9. Panopticism


    In 8-9 months gluten-free, I have not gained all that much weight. I'm pretty horribly underweight, too. I also have that constant hunger you speak of and have the entire time. I eat as much as I can afford to.
  10. Panopticism

    I Dont Know What To Do

    I never eat at restaurants... too bad that's not an option for you. Could you bring your own food everywhere, or is that not possible?
  11. I've been gluten free for 8 months-ish. I haven't really started to gain weight yet. I'm like a corpse that won't make eye contact. A real life zombie.
  12. Well, I dunno about the similarity between the two... wouldn't gluten sensitivity be more of a... sensitivity, intolerance, inability to digest, etc. Whereas, Celiac Disease is where your liver goes into fight mode and releases antibodies and tries to fight gluten, thinking it's a seriously harmful intruder? I always just assumed that, from a scientific standpoint, gluten sensitivity was like lactose intolerance. I haven't heard of too many people dying in their 50s from cancer that was probably related to damage done to the intestines as a result of lactose intolerance...? This does appear to be happening with Celiac disease. Please, correct me if I'm wrong.
  13. Crippling nausea, feel faint, confused, very bad diarrhea where most food comes out the same way it was when it went in my mouth and EXTREME abdominal pain. Fetal position on the floor, you know. Lasts about a week, diarrhea and abdominal pain last about two weeks.
  14. Panopticism


    Wait, so Canadians can use Enterolab, too...?
  15. I work in customer service, and I get insulted all the time for being too skinny(I weigh 125lbs), too pale(Iron deficiency anemia) and looking tired(...Iron deficiency anemia again, plus all sorts of malabsorption). It's not just people sharing their opinion, it's people telling me to get some sleep, eat more, get some sun, etc. I have almost gotten myself into trouble a few times for coming right back at the customer and telling them all about celiac disease and how crappy my diet is (with some attitude). I've also turned around and downright insulted and told off some customers... On top of that, I eat 3 times more than anyone I know. I'm constantly hungry. Yeah, customer service isn't really my thing... well, people aren't really my thing.