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  1. I bought three boxes of them- regular, frosted, and apple cinnamon. The first two were just fine, the apple cinnamon hammered me. GM tests so many boxes out of each days production, takes a sample from each box and uses the average of the bunch for their tested sample. So there could be several boxes in each group that are higher than 20ppm, but because they are averaged the total comes out alright. If you get one of the boxes that are over, tough luck for you (like I did). If you do get sick, send the boxtop with the lot number on it back to General Mills. Currently there are not enough gluten-free oat producers in the country to supply cheerios with the amount of oats they need, so they have to sort and sample. Some bad boxes are going to get through.
  2. The Sunday before Christmas I started getting 'that' feeling- and hurried home to the comfort of my bathroom. I had very powerful cramps and watery discharge for the rest of the day (and night) along with occasional vomiting. The next day only the diarrhea (like every 15 minutes)- and so on now for the last 8 days. It has occasionally stopped for a few hours, but seems to start up again. I went through Monday-Thursday with nothing but yogurt and pediolyte- still no help. I went to the doctor who gave me a stool sample bottle. I took it to the lab and it showed no cultures (I guess no harmful bacteria). I've decided it wasn't accidental glutening, especially since my daughter, who is also celiac, came down sick with the same symptoms but has recovered already. I figure that I picked up some norovirus and that it had already cleared my system by the time I was able to get into a doctor. So why is it continuing? I rarely get sick, and this is the first serious GI issue I've had since diagnosis. Does it take longer for us celiacs to recover? What can I do to help myself get over it? Suggestions? Thanks.
  3. For turkey gravy, I'd go with cornstarch. For other, thicker gravy I always use sweet rice four, because it's not as gritty as other rice flours. I've never heard of using tapioca flour for gravy. But give it a try with some of the drippings and find out!
  4. I made a French Silk pie for my daughter today for Thanksgiving, but she has come down with shingles and won't be able to make it. I'm afraid it will go to waste (rather than my waist), so I'm wondering if I can freeze it successfully. I haven't put the whipped cream on yet. Any ideas?
  5. Thanks for the tips! I knew someone here would have the answer. Now where's the muffin mix...
  6. How do you make muffins where the blueberries or chocolate chips don't sink to the bottom? I love the King Arthur Flour muffin mix, but thick as it is, everything settles out. Please help!
  7. I guess thanks for all the responses. To be truthful, I have to admit to myself that I don't want to commit to the diet. I guess I just want it to go away, or for science to solve the problem so I can take a pill or something! I get diarrhea often, but it's not incapacitating. I can't put on weight, but that's okay. I know there are possible future side effects, but I have to admit they don't really scare me just now. I'm pretty much gluten-free now except for lunches and an occasional Wendys. I don't want to give those up.
  8. I'm 16 and a junior in high school. I've been diagnosed with celiac for 2 years, but I've never gone onto the gluten-free diet. But now I have stomach pains constantly, and my doctor has told me the diet would get rid of them. I can handle the diet when I'm home. My problem is school lunch. I don't want to stand out or have the lunch people make a special fuss over me. I'm the only celiac in my school. We live in a small town with a poor school district, so I'm afraid my gluten-free lunch from school would be hot dogs every day (I haven't really looked into it, though). I could go home for lunch, but then I lose out on the association with friends during that time. Any suggestions?
  9. We just got back from a Caribe cruise on Princess. I notified them in advance of our dietary needs, and it was a great experience! We had the traditional dining, and the head waiter and table waiter both were very attentive and helpful. We could have nearly everything on the menu made gluten free! (except for the pasta dishes unfortunately). They brought us the next nights menu and allowed us to choose what we wanted. When there was nothing that could be accomodated (mostly with desserts) they made a special item for us. Unfortunately, the buffets were not that way, but it's understandable when you're got such masses to feed. By the end of the cruise I was sure tired of eggs for breakfast! I even took along my own gluten-free ice cream cones (in an empty pringles can to keep them from being crushed in the luggage) so I could have ice cream whenever I wanted it. All in all I was very pleased with the extent of their concern and service for us.
  10. I've just made the crust out of gluten free graham cracker crumbs, using the directions on the cheesecake package (usually with less butter, as the gluten-free crumbs seem to soak it up more than regular crumbs). Then, because I'm the only gluten-free in my house, I freeze the pieces, then seal them with the vacuum packer. They last for months!
  11. I purchased a new term policy 18 months ago, and disclosed that I had celiac. The premium doubled! What do you do? If you don't disclose it, and they find out, no one will cover you. I don't know about cancelling it. At 50 anything but term is a waste of money.
  12. Trix is pretty good, at least I've never had a reaction. Also I do the Chex stuff, and there's a store brand of cocoa puffs type cereal thats all corn, also. I can't remember the manufacturer, but they're called cocoaroos. I also like the berry kix, though no one in my town sells them, so I pick up a bunch when I find them.
  13. Made waffles from the Tom Sawyer flour and a recipe off their website for Xmas morning and they were absolutely great! Not crumbly and very tender. I was also able to save a couple for the next day- popped them into the toaster and still great! Maybe try some.
  14. I've always loved marble cake mixes, so as I pour the batter into the pan, I save about 1/4 cup in the mixing bowl, mix in a tbs of cocoa into the last bit of batter, then mix it into the cake once it's in the pan. (yellow cake mix, of course)
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