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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Hey Stud1717 I'm LDS, but unfortunately I do not know the Church's take on those with Celiac. My brother served his mission before he found out he had Celiac. My best suggestion would be to talk to your Bishop and see if he can give you any insight. I'll see if I can't ask other Celiacs around here at BYU-I and get their suggestions/insight. I wish you the best of luck. You can email me at WIL02086@byui.edu if you need any other help or would just like another lds celiac to talk to. Take care Emily
  3. 1. how long have you had coeliac? Symptoms my whole life 2. At what age were you diagnosed? 17, 2 1/2 years ago 3. what foods do you miss out on? Pizza, Italian food, my mom's lasanga, cake 4. How much does it cost to stay gluten free? I don't buy many specially made products, so it costs me the same as if I didn't have celiac 5. Do you ever wish that you didn't have coeliac? Sure 6. Does the food taste better or worse or the same as ordinary food? There are some foods that taste better "normally" then it being gluten-free, but there are some gluten-free foods that I've made that taste just as good as normal foods 7. Have you ever eaten gluten without knowing it then suffered for it? Yep.
  4. I didn't know they had scholarships for people with Celiac...boy could i use something like that! How did you find out about them?
  5. lovegrov, i'm a bit confused. You say that the majority of people with celiac are not allergic to wheat, but wheat (amongst other grains) has gluten in it, which is what makes us "Celiac", therefore, we would not be able to have wheat..or "allergic" to wheat.
  6. I've also experienced this several times. I would get really dizzy and feel like the room was moving and in my worst episodes I would still be conscious but my eyes would black out, like I was blind and my hearing would be almost completely gone. It was the most weird feeling ever and the whole time I was flushed and felt like I had a fever and that I could possibly die. Thankfully this hasn't happened for over a year now.
  7. My reaction time seems to depend on what I eat...weird. But for the most part it is within 30 minutes or less that I very much notice it both digestively and bye my stomach and heart hurting. Definitely not smart for me to injest something questionable out in public if you know what i mean.
  8. I've always thought that my blood type is 0 positive, but then I donated blood and they sent me my donor card saying I had type A blood, sooooo I'm going to have to get that one checked out! Don't want to be thinking I have one blood type and then really having another.
  9. That's wonderful! I am in my sophomore year of college, and even though I don't use the cafeteria, it's still music to my ears to hear that universities and specifically those in charge of the cafeterias are really stepping up to the plate as far as catering to the students' needs go. I remember just 2 years ago when I was first diagnosed, my high school was less then excited about the possibility of having to accomodate for me, and I heard other such stories, but I truly believe that things are starting to make a turn for the better and that is a great miracle. Worrying about whether or not the college you want to attend will work with you to meet your health needs in the last thing a person should have to agonize over. Again, wonderful to hear that the cafeteria manager at your child's Uni. is being so helpful
  10. I do not know if this is true, but I've heard that alot of the gluten-free cake/bread products can cause you to gain weight faster then "normal" carbohydrates do, and at least in my case that was true. Back at home we were always getting Rice bread, or making other gluten-free breads/treats and I was not gaining healthily. I'd be interested to hear what others have to say on that, because like I said, I'm not sure if I'm getting that straight. I've just come to the conclusion that I'll enjoy those gluten-free pastas and cakes on occasion, but for the most part I'm just going to stick to meats, vegetables and fruits. Oh, just a quick sidenote: I work out almost daily for an hour and play flag football, so it wasn't as if the food was being taken in and I wasn't exercising at all. I've found that exercise not only helps me stay in shape but it makes me feel soooo much better when combined with a gluten-free diet
  11. Eating gluten definitely brings back the depression that I dealt with for many years, and still deal with when I don't stick to my diet. I will become fidgeting, quiet, extremely moody, or disinterested in just about anything that is going on around me (tying back to depression) so yes, I do believe there are psychological changes that occur when gluten is ingested by someone with celiac disease. While that can be hard to deal with (I have a Mom and 4 of my 5 siblings with celiac disease so i know what it's like to deal with someone who is being moody because of eating gluten) someone in that situation, it's so helpful when those around you are understanding, or at least not judgemental about your sudden change in behavior. It'd be interesting to know what is causing your boyfriend to still have these symptoms. Perhaps he is having problems with cross contamination? I wish you and your boyfriend the best of luck
  12. My friend had Doritos at her apartment and I went to go have some, but then decided to take a look at the ingredients, and it listed that Wheat Flour was in there. I can't remember the exact kind of Dorito it was; the bag was a greenish color...I'll just have to go look at it sometime and see. I've never been the biggest Doritos fan, so I'm not sure if the labeling is the same on other bags of Doritos. I'll have to keep a look out for that when I go grocery shopping
  13. My name is Emily and I'm a 19 year old from Topeka, Kansas. I've always had different health issues, but it was during my Junior year when things got really bad. I started throwing up in the mornings and just being really nausous all the time. I went from 130 to barely 100 lbs in about a month. My doctor as well as my Mom thought i was bulemic, which I didn't find out about until after I was diagnosed and started putting on weight. My 28 year old sister was actually the first one diagnosed in our family, while she was teaching in Austria. Her doctors there then suggested the rest of her family be tested, which we did. I was diagnosed August 24th, 2002 at the age of 17 *a week into my senior year of high school* as was my Mom and 4 of my 5 siblings. I am now a sophomore at Brigham Young University-Idaho majoring in Early Childhood/Special Education. I have already met two others up here at school who also have Celiac, and so I hope to, in the near future, start up a Support Group here on campus to raise awareness of celiac disease and offer a way for students here to come into contact with others like them.
  14. I have been going to school here in Rexburg Idaho for a year now and I had been wondering if there was any place I could go that was close by that might have gluten-free products. Well, through some searching I found out there was a guy here at school who had Celiac and so I emailed him and he told me about this Health Food Store called "Nature's Nook" that is right here in Rexburg! Yesterday, after 2 months of knowing about this place, I was finally able to get over to it *I don't have a car, so it makes it hard to get over to shops that are not good walking distance* and boy was I blown away. Back in Topeka, Kansas we had a Health Food store but it was nothing like this! It wasn't so much a place to just buy Organic foods as much as it is tailored towards those who can't have certain foods, just as flour/gluten. They had Gluten Free Pantry products and all types of things; not only food but lotions, shampoos, conditioners, deodorants, vitamins, chapstick, and the list goes on. I don't know if there are any other types of stores like this place in Idaho, but I would have to say this is by far the best place I've come across, but of course it could just be because Kansas doesn't have the greatest selections of places.
  15. I completely agree with what has been said. It is true that you can't expect a person to be able to react in the "perfect way", after all I don't think there is such a thing. While I do get a bit irritated with some reactions, I'm never hurt by them, because it's not something that I feel I need to be defensive about. In the specific situation I mentioned though, I think it was okay for me to get a bit annoyed and aggitated because we were spending soo much time together and you don't want your disease to be the main focus of who you are; I am not Emily the Celiac, I am so much more then that, and I think that's what made me get frustrated in that certain situation. I too find that with most anyone I meet they are on a need-to-know basis. My new roommate who has been here for almost 2 months just found out that I have Celiac, and that's just how I like to go about things; I don't wish to draw attention to it because it's not a huge deal that I feel needs to be heavily explained to every person who shares air with me . I came to that conclusion when I first got up to school last summer; within 10 minutes of meeting my new roommates, my Mom sat there and explained exactly what was "wrong" with me and I was completely horrified because I hadn't even decided when or how I wanted to tell them about what I had *just a tip to parents: let your child be the one to explain their Celiac, especially if they're older; makes them feel more in control of the situation*. Well hey, I've gotten a bit off track and I have tons of homework waiting for me.
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