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  1. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  2. Thanks for the good luck wishes. BTW, I sent off a check yesterday for some three lac and oxygen elements plus. Several years ago I was a part of a candida forum (before I quit the diet to look into mercury) and they claimed that three lac was overrated, over priced and didn't work. This time around I've seen tons more positive testimonys on it. Including a guy I've been e-mailing who claims it did WONDERS for his wife. At almost 58 with a life time of being sick, I have nothing to loose but my ill health and unfullfilled dreams. :-) Carol B Good luck!!!
  3. What an INTERESTING post. I haven't checked in here in AGES. I was doing a search on gluten intolerance and candida and found Rachels post. My problems began at birth and progessed and I'll be 58 this year. Several years ago my doctor suggested gluten intolerance and I thought he was nuts. All the blood work was negative (including complete new testing by the allergy doctor I was seeing at the time). I did the enterolabs test and was positive for gluten intolerance but no fecal fat. I was strict for about 6 months but still very symptomatic (except maybe my intestines felt a little better). But now when I cheat on wheat I suffer so I don't. Long story short is that my search has led me back to candida and I intend to treat it and treat it well. It was treated by two doctors but not very well. I never associated my symptoms by what I ate and was bummed to find out that all of a sudden I couldn't have gluten. Now I wonder if what I really have is severe candida. Time will tell I guess. I have some Three Lac comming which I was told several years ago was overrated, overpriced and didn't work. However, I've read some amazing testimonies including e-mailing a guy who claims it did WONDERS for his wife. At my age and with all I've done (long story) it can't hurt to try. Thanks for all the research. INTERESTING to say the least. Carol B
  4. I was going to say that it made me feel better but then I thought that was the result of going gluten-free not the reason for having it. But I like the fact that FINALLY I have a diagnosis after 55 years of searching. Feeling WELL is the real key in all of this for me. BTW, are In N Out french fries gluten-free? I guess they would be since that's ALL they cook (in addition to burgers.). WOW! I miss my french fries. Can you have a hamburger patty minus the bun? Please let me know and I'll be on my way to find one. LOL What about their sauce? I'm off to do a search.
  5. I was going to say that it made me feel better but then I thought that was the result of going gluten-free not the reason for having it. But I like the fact that FINALLY I have a diagnosis after 55 years of searching. Feeling WELL is the real key in all of this for me.
  6. Hi celiac3270. I'm glad it's over as well. will be interesting to see what they find out. Never heard of just red spots all over the stomache. As one who had the stomache flue comming out both ends 24/7 for 3 weeks at a time every year growing up I DO HOPE you'll FEEL BETTER SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  7. This diet can help with fibro but so can thyroid meds. Go to about.com and type in thyroid and read everything there. thyroid@yahoogroups.com is a good support group. Dr. John Lowe wrote a book about the connection between fibro/chronic fatigue and thyroid. Hope you feel better soon. my muscles are doing better but not 100%. I'm taking several things but MSM in crystal form has helped. I also did guaifenesin at one point for a year and that helped me to start walking again. based on Dr. Paul R. St. Amands "What your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgai". In fact I saw him in person. Take care
  8. I obviously missed the beginning of this. Sorry to hear that celiac3270 will be undergoing this. I will add you to my prayer list and echo the other sentiments.
  9. I think the best part is all the new friends I've made. (behind on this board from feeling so good and enjoying life. )
  10. I think my family falls for both these "lies". My dad was diagnosed via blood tests at 3 y/o (50 years ago). He was put on a barley, rice and phenobarbital diet. Symptoms resolved and he was told he outgrew it. But, he has not been "normal" since. He goes four to five times a day - A DAY. He has had polyps removed. His mother has had colon cancer. ----------------- No wonder your dad has problems. Doesn't barley contain gluten? Has he since gone strictly gluten-free? Sounds like he DIDN'T have a good doctor. Hope you can help him out.
  11. I'm curious where you heard that you can't have celiac without the gene. In all of my research I've read that once the intestines are damaged it's called celiac. Do you disagree? Just curious.
  12. Good morning Anna. I had a card once (may still be around somewhere) that said I was type O. Never showed the positive/negative. Is it possible to just be type O without being +/-?. That is definately interesting as I had never heard that before. We learn something new everyday, right? Thanks.
  13. I'm going from the testimonies on this board. I do know that the Elisa food test is good. The neat thing about York Allergy is that you can do it at home. There used to be a link to them on the home page. I don't know if it's still there.
  14. I have a question. I've never heard of O positive/negative. I just thought I was type 0. Is there a positive/negative with O? Interesting.
  15. Hi. I've been meaning to do that. I ordered some wheat free soy sauce from my food co op but it didn't come in. I keep forgettting to order it again.
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