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  1. it was definately the other thing, because the facility is 100% gluten-free
  2. Thank you for contacting us at Pepsi-Cola. Here at Pepsi, we use only ingredients that are fully approved by the Food and Drug Administration and deemed safe-for-use in foods. There is no gluten in any carbonated soft drink produced by Pepsi-Cola Company in North America. Please check out www.pepsiproductfacts.com for additional ingredient information on our other beverages. I hope this information is helpful. Thanks again for your interest in our products. Stephanie White Consumer Relations Representative stephanie.white@pepsi.com 011747994A nothing new or surprising, just to assure everybody
  3. i've never had a problem with it, i've never had either since being gluten-free (just because i haven't, no reason at all), and was curious how people are since i know that it's the only gluten-free cereal post makes, but since it's kraft, there would be a CC advisory if there was one...and planters was just a thing that i've heard mixed things about, but yet again, it's kraft so
  4. does everybody have it with no problem? i know that it's a kraft product, but i've heard mixed things, and i'm sure it's fine since they always put a CC warning if there is one, but just curious...same thing with planters, i heard plenty of people say they got sick, yet everybody trusts kraft and i've never really heard of problems aside from that so, just wondering what the deal is/was with all of that
  5. http://kinnikinnickfoods.blogspot.com/ haven't seen any mention of them, but it's on their blog...looks really good!
  6. i always see redbridge at hannafords, if you have one of those near you
  7. i remember hearing a person or two questioning shrimp if it was fed grains, but does anybody know for sure? i see everybody have it with no problems, and lot's of things on here, but i'm just curious...hopefully it's always fine since i just ate a bunch . doubt it's a problem though since everybody seems fine
  8. when i searched them for some other reason, i saw quite a few people saying they got sick from them....does anybody know the deal on that? because all of their products are gluten-free and it's a dedicated facility, but i was just wondering
  9. oh no, i had plenty of antibiotics when i was younger! i thought you meant recently...my mom said i had worms or parasites when i was younger, asthma, bad GI symptoms....but for years and years and years i've been perfectly fine, it all seemed to vanish...but when i was younger, i had lots of problems, and the celiac thing makes sense because i bet it went into remission....random things i had a lot back then caused me to have lots of antibiotics like a lot of strep throat, the bad asthma, ect....things i haven't had in a while i definitely believe that if i have celiac which it very much seems like i do, than everything when i was younger makes sense but it's entirely different symptoms now, but then again, it's different things/effects now i just know that for years i was beyond happy, not sick at all, and when i was younger it was hell ....i didn't think of anything when i was younger because for years i had no symptoms and it was all perfectly fine and that doctor ordered it i guess because i had so many symptoms? she was just a typical b%$@#y, money hungry doctor and it's sad that i didn't even get the results then...financial problems were going on and she wouldn't say anything...basically it was like "you have celiac, just stay off that"...so she acknowledged it, but NOTHING more, i had NO idea of ANYTHING or direction....and what made her word better than anybody elses?
  10. oh you know what else i forgot to say, rachel? when i first first started getting sick, it was after i had some crazy GI attack, so i wonder if something like THAT could cause an infection? because that could be the underlying thing, that started it all it was just such a strange type of attack, not even like reflux but it was in a way, but my whole system went crazy for hours and hours and i had a lot of problems when i was younger but it all seemed to just go away...for years i've had perfect health but i took terrible care of myself and i regret it, but i've learned so much so i'm thankful for it it could have triggered celiac and just...that whole cycle that you know about, things causing things....like i said, i never doubted much because of not many GI symptoms, never mind them being bad, but celiac was definitely triggered, and it all started after that attack, spanning for a year and a half with nothing but that one bloodwork clue...i thought for sure i'd have lyme since it made sense, but with the things you told me about those other things causing the same exact issues i have, and what's happen/shown in this time, it wouldn't surprise me if i didn't at all now...still good to have tested of course, but what you're saying makes so much sense now that i really think of it...i always just dismissed things because of the GI situation not really being relevant to my symptoms
  11. thank you so much on the information so far , i didn't want to annoy you about it, i've just been so anxious to see that's interesting about what you say on why you think it's my problem, i didn't think twice of it because lack of big GI symptoms or anything really troubling with that, but everything you've said definitely makes sense to me...you'd know better than me, stranger things have happened i'm sure of course as far as antibiotics, not really...during the winter, i had a tooth pulled out, so i took about a weeks worth of antibiotics, if that counts, but other than that, no the doctor told me it was positive, but she really left me with that...i had know knowledge, no clue, no nothing....and in the time i've been sick, that's the only clue i've had, that randomly thrown there with nothing to work with i'll definitely check out that thread, i saw some of your posts but not a thorough read through i agree with that antibody thing of course, that's common sense, but if you plan to send a PM back whenever, i'll be glad to hear anything else you have to say but about the doctor, remember posts back i said about that guy? he's just a naturopath and he has quite a few degrees and seems knowledgeable...he has gluten-free recipes on the website, has the igenex tests, does neurotransmitter testing, will order anything you know what i remember though? when that bloodwork was done, it was back last summer, and i didn't really have many big neuro/mental symptoms...definitely some, but it obviously got worst and worst and worst, and i wasn't half as sick as i was now...yet that one level came up so high...so that makes a LOT of sense now about the other thing(s) causing a big chunk of these issues, but i'm sure gluten was causing problems that can't heal because of the other issues going on, right? like i said though, that was so long ago and the level was so high, and i didn't go gluten-free for about 6 months after, nor have such crippling/horrible mental/neuro symptoms like i started to get
  12. hey rachel, i remember you saying you had a bunch of links, and thinking of those messages you sent me, do you have any good ones on parasites/yeast/gut infections and neuro/mental symptoms? any interesting reads? i'm not good at finding things and it'd be nice to read some of those things we were talking about, i figured i'd say it here so other people could be helped out too but anyways, about that doctor i was talking about, i talked to him and he seems to know about a lot...he doesn't just have the igenex labs, he has the quest ones and some other one that has tech in the name that i forgot....but i think that quest one is a very good lab? he said he can order any test i wanted, so i think i'll get that OAT test and the other test...he had one of those bloodwork sheets, and something on it was yeast antibodies so i'm sure he knows about those type of things from what i hear, that OAT test sounds like it says a LOT about the body, huh? seems like in my case, it's bound to shed some light, but i'm wondering about those lyme tests too...i know about igenex, but i've heard a lot about the other two but really don't have a clue...but i figure since he's so open minded and wants to order any test, it'd be good to get everything i need he woman at the front desk had chronic lyme and she looks beyond healthy now and they were both very soft spoken and helpful and all i did was stop by...i haven't even have an appointment with him yet, and he was going to order the igenex test for me to have it done on the spot just from me talking to him (didn't because of some insurance thing, but i'll ask my question with that later on to see if anybody knows), but as far as telling them about the really bad neuro/mental and other strange type symptoms, they seemed to really understand so i think i just need to have the right things done and it's bound to get me somewhere i hope
  13. i found a holistic dentist near me! i have no fillings, but there's a lot of dental work i'd like to have done and it'd probably be a good choice...was always beyond scared to go to the dentist and never took good care of that http://www.grotondentalwellness.com/ what's everybodies experience with a holistic dentist? they use EAV so maybe that'd be a help with everything going on
  14. yeah i need to get the gene test soon hopefully...i have some little GI issues, but nothing really...no constipation, bad cramping, diarrhea, anything like that
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