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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. Moving Near Burlington, Vermont!

    I am in Burlington, and you are in luck!!! Where exactly are you moving to? Some people say Burlington bc it's the general idea, but if you are in Burlington, South Burlington, Winooski, etc... it makes a difference. In general all the big grocery stores here have "natural sections" and lots of gluten-free options. I do most of my shopping in the "normal" grocery stores, actually. There are two health food stores in Burlington. I prefer Healthy Living, which is located on Dorset St and about to move down the street from where they are and become even BIGGER. They have a GREAT gluten-free section. The co-op in downtown Btown is ok, but not as good as Healthy Living. And HL has an actual gluten-free section whereas the co-op downtown you have to find it yourself. If you are in Essex, or closer to Essex, there is a new health food store by the movie theater and it is also great, and has an actual gluten-free section. There are a lot of "small restaurants" here, and many are very happy to accomodate. We don't eat out much and my 5yo is the Celiac, so I don't have a ton of experience eating out here. But we do have an Outback, McD's, and there are some nicer restaurants locally that are happy to work with you. Leunig's, Smokejack's, Tilley's Cafe, Big Fatty's BBQ, Windjammer, Tuscan Kitchen...basically just give places a call and everyone is really friendly. Let me know if you have any other questions, I'm happy to help
  2. How Do You Explain

    I do both, only bc I like to know kind of my options when traveling. Plus I can go to, say, my local Chili's and say I got this from your corporate, but what else can we talk about? I, too, have found the local people to be MUCH more helpful than corporate. Bridget
  3. Mona is purely mail order, unless you live in WA then I think you can pick it up from her if you want. She's a real live person and always responds to emails. I LOVE her stuff, and find her prices to be less than most things I buy here (esp. her flours, a 5 lb bag for $7??? Where else can you find that??) So, give it a thought. www.madebymona.com Bridget
  4. That is exactly what you should do. When we first went gluten-free, and got the lists, I went through each category and found things I would actually buy and deleted the rest. Then I made three binders. One for home, one for my car, and one for my husbands truck. That way we were never somewhere that we didn't have access to a list, it's worked out quite well and a year later I find that I rarely need the list any more! Bridget
  5. Ditto what Kaiti said. As for bread, bc you are on a budget your best bet is to make your own bread. I use Bette Hagman's Tapioca Bread recipe and it tastes JUST like regular homemade white bread (I dont' have celiac disease, my 3 year old son does, and I like his bread better than mine!!) This recipe is in her book Living Well Without Wheat: The Gluten Free Gourmet revised edition. Bridget
  6. Absolutely! That's what I do, and so far so good. Except in bread, I haven't strayed from the printed, tried and true bread recipes as I hear they are much harder to convert than others. But for cookies, etc... so far this has worked. Although I do use the Pamela's Baking & Pancake mix for pancakes. But I haven't tried making my own from scratch yet either, bc I really lke this mix. But, again, I recently received my Made By Mona sample pack and there is a pancake mix in there that I need to try soon. Maybe this weekend. Bridget
  7. Is There A List Of Gf Freindly Places?

    You're really nice to do this celiac3270, I would've posted the SillyYaks URL and said join the message board, it's great and has all sorts of great information including restaurants and recipes.
  8. How Do You Explain

    Christi, You may already know this, but Chili's does have a gluten-free list. Do you have it? if not, here it is (I have not called to verify, but I'm guessing the pickles are bc of the vinegar, and if so then it's not true bc distilled vinegar is gluten-free...also, be sure to check on the soup listed bc some Chili's have been known to use flour to thicken it a little more...): Thank you very much for your call and for your interest in Chili's. We are very happy to provide you with a list of suggested menu items. Please be aware that we cannot guarantee that any item is completely wheat-free due to cross-contamination possibilities in the preparation of our food items. Therefore, the list we have compiled is based on the information obtained from our supplier ingredient statements: Bacon Burger with no bun, no dill pickles, no mayo Baked Potato Soup Chili's Filet Steak - no garlic toast Chips - No Salsa Chocolate Shake Citrus Fire Chicken and Shrimp Flamed-grilled Ribeye - no garlic toast Salmon and Rice with Steamed Veggies with no ginger citrus sauce Kid Burger and Fries - no bun Margarita-grilled Chicken with no black beans or kettle beans Mashed Potatoes Mushroom Swiss Burger with no mayo, no dill pickles, no bun. Old Timer Burger with or without Cheese with no mustard, no bun, no dill pickles. Side of Sautéed mushrooms Tuna Steak Sandwich with no aioli dressing, no bun ** French Fries are okay however, see note below ** French Fries are not fried in a dedicated fryer and could pick up wheat proteins from the oil used to fry other items. We hope you are able to choose a meal to your liking. Should you have any further inquiries regarding our menu items please contact Mr. Tom Foegle at 972/770-1745 in our Food & Beverage Quality Assurance Department. Thank you again for your interest in Chili's and we look forward to serving you very soon. Sincerely, Bridget
  9. Baskin Robins

    Ben & Jerry's will do this too.
  10. Dealing With Waiters

    On another message board I am on a woman was saying that she goes through her spiel about having an allergy to wheat, barley, oats and malt (we know it's not an allergy, but that is scarier to people than disease...anaphylactic shock and all....) and just to make her point, she will stop and say, "You can dial 911, right?" :-)
  11. Oh, and just so you know, once you really get into this and figure more stuff out, you will find your bill will go down a little. I find now the only "specialty" things I need to buy are crackers, flours and a mix here or there. My son doesn't like cereal, and other than that I can either make it or there is a gluten-free 'normal' version out there. Do you have a list of mainstream products that are gluten-free? Bridget
  12. I know it sounds insane, but the flours are cheaper than the mixes. One mix, which will make you one loaf of bread, will cost as much if not more than one bag of flour which will make much more than one loaf of bread. The mix I use is: 2 1/2 C Rice flour (brown or white is fine) 1 C Potato Starch Flour 1 C Tapioca Starch Flour 1/4 C Cornstarch 1/4 C Sorghum Flour 2 Tbsp Xanthan Gum I find this works great for just about anything I make (I make killer cut out sugar cookies for decorating with this flour mix....) This blend, mixed with these measurements, makes me about 2 batches of cookies and I still have plenty of flour left in my "bins" for further mixing later on. So, definitely buying flour is cheaper than mixes. Also, look into mail order for stuff. I jsut did a quick survey of the online ordering resources I use, and found a big price difference in flours and will be soon doing some flour ordering from Made By Mona as she has 5 lb bags of flour for $7ish...much cheaper per pound than anything else I've found. I also absolutely LOVE her mixes as well. Her cake mix is the most normal white cake you will find, and her bread mixes...YUM.
  13. I haven't added any seasonings, so I'm no help there. I guess go with what you like (garlic powder, italian seasoning, etc...) As for the flour sub. chart, what that means is, for example, for every 1 cup of wheat flour a recipe calls for, sub in just 7/8 cup garbanzo bean flour, etc.... However, I still find my stuff does best with a mix. I use a mix of rice flour, potato starch flour, tapioca starch flour, sorghum flour, and xanthan gum. There may be something else, but I can't recall right now. And, by the way, I'm not sure why oat flour is in there as I would avoid that due to the cross-contamination factor (oats are HIGHLY cross-contaminated with wheat in this country...sigh...) Bridget
  14. Glad you liked them. Just so you know, they also freeze REALLY well (after they are baked), and then I just heat them back up at the same time and temp. My daycare microwaves them but I haven't tried that yet so I have no idea how they come out. Melanie (the woman who posted this recipe originally) also makes chicken patties like this for sandwiches and stuff. Bridget
  15. I haven't actually attempted this (and bread is VERY tricky to convert for some reason...not like other baked goods, which seem to be fairly straight forward) If you use a good flour mix you should be able to sub that cup for cup, but do not forget to use the Xanthan gum. And you may need to use some other binders like gelatin, eggs, or something like that. Bread doesn't normally have eggs in it, but ours seem to need them (or an egg replacer). Good luck!! Bridget