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  1. What about CC? Does the label say Gluten Free or are you going by the ingredient list? I'm so worried about eating things that are not dedicated to a gluten-free facility. I'd love to try the brands you mentioned, if there is no risk of CC.
  2. Thank you for your list. I'm pretty new at all this. Went gluten free in Sept 2007. Didn't know about the Lay's Stax chips. I live in East Texas and there's not alot of Gluten free items that I know of in the regular grocery stores. I do shop at Walmart and love the fact that if their product is gluten free it's printed on the label. If I use anything gluten-free that's not on your list I'll post it. Right now I don't think I have anything to add. Thanks again for you help.
  3. What about CC? I'm new at all this diagnosed 4 months ago. I'm paranoid of eating anything that doesn't say Gluten Free on it.
  4. I just noticed that the Gluten Free is missing from my yoplait yogurts also. I contacted the company but still waiting for a reply. Also, does anyone out there shop at Super Wal-Marts? I use to be able to buy Brown Cow yogurt but can't find it anymore.
  5. Recently I've noticed that the containers of Yoplait yogurt do not say gluten free on them. Does anyone know if they changed the ingredients?
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