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    I'm info natural and alternative medicine as well as anything organic. I also sell organic clothing for those with sensitive skin or who care about the earth
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  1. Most Grain alcohol herbal tinctures use Barley in them. Some Rye. I make my own using a grape based alcohol and organic herbs. I have learned the hard way that even some of the Corn based alcohols use Barley for distilling and filtering. hope this helps Lisa
  2. Happy birthday and may God bless you today!

  3. Thanks for all the help! I have had an awful time with DH in my mouth. Once I got rid of the no-no foods I discovered my organic/natural lipsticks were to blame I also have nut allergies so I have to be so careful. I ordered some of the silk naturals and thought I would try them. If they don't work I'll try the others. I have been making my own with shea butter and natural mineral powder but would like something in a stick form for the purse.
  4. Thanks for the responses! Are you sure that everyday minerals lip gloss is gluten-free? It says tocopherol and anytime I see that I fear it's Vit E derived from wheat?
  5. I'm looking for lipstick that has no Gluten AND is all natural. No petroleum. Does anyone know of any? Thanks!
  6. I can't seem to find my list of gluten-free brands and I"m looking for cooking extracts that are gluten-free. I have a brand of peppermint extract that I'm unfamiliar with. Humco. Does anyone know if this is safe or not? What are some safe brands? Has anyone made their own extracts? I would love the directions!
  7. Thanks for posting that link to the safe alcohols. The only problem I have with that list is that it lists Vodka but the majority of Vodkas are distilled with wheat, barley or rye. You have to be careful to find the ones that are potatoe or grape based. I found this out the hard way. I had a long discussion with a "pro" and he said that most of the vodkas that say distilled with grain are a gluten based grain.
  8. I actually have had someone suggest a natural remedy and wanted to post it here in case it could help someone else. It's called oil pulling. I have been trying it and it has worked great Here's the info http://www.oilpulling.com/
  9. Thanks. I am very allergic to iodine so I try to avoid it as much as possible. I will prob. do a Himalayan sea salt mouth rinse and a bentoninte clay mouth rinse. This is all from cross contamination from a pot luck party (my most unfavorite word to hear!) I was just hoping for some magical way to get rid of these (sigh)
  10. I have a couple of DH blisters on the inside of my lip and they are driving me nut! Does anyone know of a natural remedy or something that can help? Thanks!
  11. I forgot to mention that I CAN also have seeds so seed flours work fine. Just not the nut flours. thanks!
  12. I can't do any grains at all and am on a quest to find a baking flour mix I can use. It needs to be free of Gluten, rice, soy, buckwheat, amaranth, or any type of grain. The only grain I am ok with is quioa. I CAN have: potato flour Bean flours tapioca arrowroot coconut flour I have been having too many problems with nuts so I can use nut flours either. I'm looking for a basic flour mix I can use for breads, rolls ect. and I'm also looking for a basic flour mix I can use for cookies and goodies. Does anyone have anything??? Thanks!
  13. I'm looking for a link between gluten and IQ levels. I know that many non-celiac diets that go gluten-free boast better memory, concentration and focus but does anyone know of any specific studies that have #'s that would back this up? Thanks!
  14. From what I can tell I THINK my reactions are pretty much within 24hrs but I'm just questioning my latest breakout. I'm guessing it was just CC that got me but it happened in so many different places on my body- UG! I've noticed that my other breakouts seem to linger for weeks and just wondered if this was normal. Does anything else make DH breakout other than gluten? I stay clear of iodine b/c I'm allergic.
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