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  1. Hi Rachel and others, It is frustrating as I'm still waiting for an answer to the question. It will be two weeks Monday since I first inquired about the original research used to give basis to the conclusion.
  2. ive, Thank you for your input on this. I'm still waiting for a response on where the research came from... ML
  3. Thank you for your responses and thank you Nora for that bit of research. I have also been researching on the web and it seems that much of the research links the two but does not give a definite cause for either one or if one precedes another. I have emailed the presenter of the information and it has been a week and still no response. I will post when I get an answer. I will email him again and ask for original research documentation for his lecture series on that topic. ML
  4. Some really strong immune system boosters can be provided by Oleander (Nerium oleander) shots. They have taken the toxic substances out and kept only the good immune boosters and added purified water. An alternative health care provider can offer this.... the name is anvirzel. It is expensive but can really boost the immune system to fight off parasites, germs, virus, etc. ML
  5. I will try my best to get the basic research on this and post.... hopefully early next week.. ML
  6. Okay, sorry, Carla... I would seriously try the sweating and detox baths. And, after a week of doing that 2 times a day hopefully you will be okay. The garlic will help detox the lungs from any mold you might have inhaled. Hope you feel better soon. Bye, ML
  7. Andrea, Are you the one detoxing? I'm really concerned that you have mobilized mercury and heavy metals with the detoxing you have done with chlorella. Please do the detoxing bath twice a day and stop detoxing with the chlorella. From what I have read, I think it will take you a week to get back to normal. Then, I can suggest ways of going slow.... The best way to detox from mold is to not feed it and to take anti fungals. April can help you with that if I am not around. Take care, ML
  8. That's okay. I just thought it gave us all hope that some day we can go back to normal at some point. But I understand how some have gotten so used to this way of eating that it becomes a lifestyle. ML
  9. I'm a bit confused as to who is detoxing using the chlorella but just wanted to pop in here with a word of caution. Chlorella is a mercury/heavy metal mobilizer and can detox too fast for some that have high levels stored in deep tissues. From my own experience, I would not take it any more but do detox baths twice a day to help sweat the mercury/heavy metals out of the system faster. A cheap detox bath with 1 c. epsom salts, 1 c. H2O2, 1 c. baking soda, and 1/4 c. potassium. Soak in there for an hour and as hot as you can take it.... If you are really metal toxic, don't take it so hot ... but the sweating is good and one of the only ways to really get the heavy metals out. This may take a solid week to feel normal again. Detoxing from mold/fungus would mean lots of blueberries to bind with the mycotoxins. Lots of garlic if you cannot take anti-fungals at this point... ML
  10. Heard this information and wondered if anyone has had experience with this. The presenter said that people with gluten intolerance are actually casein intolerant. If they give up the casein (all milk products and ones with added casein), in time their guts will heal and they will be able to have gluten again. People that did not have complete healing of the gut after months and years being gluten free may have not given up the casein and therefore the main culprit is still aggravating the issue. I felt that this was good news for most of us that are gluten intolerant.... ML
  11. I don't get it. How can a chicken have gluten ??? Were they fed wheat berries? I wouldn't think that would do it.... Are they injecting the chicken with something like a gravy?
  12. It is very frustrating finding acceptable meat alternatives. I just ended up making my own oatburgers. Too many additives in the grocery store products. Some have added sugars to them which will feed fungus in the body and that is unacceptable for some of us. Potato starch, corn starch, modified food starch, isolated soy protein, are all questionable food additives. Just not a good product out there. ML
  13. Lemon and lime should be okay as they are very low sugar. I did switch to lemon oil and stevia at one point and got used to it. But lemon the pure stuff should be okay. But the tangerines and oranges are high sugar fruits that if you are very fungal/candida, I would limit their use.
  14. It is not bad to test your system once and a while and then get back on eating healthy again. Starburst? Is that a candy? I'd get rid of that first. I hope you were kidding... lol ML
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