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  1. Ah, in which case Iwould appear to be a Latent Coeliac...I see. Doctors. I have definitely had symptoms, so that rules Silent out! (Always thought it funny that something so horrendously...not silent would have such a label attached to it!) ;-)
  2. I am what you have referred to as a 'Silent Coeliac'. This means that, despite receiving positive blood results, I am lacking in visible villi damage, ordinarily required to recieve 'official diagnosis'. In saying that, many on this board will tell you that such tests are unreliable, and it is very...
  3. Hehe, I must say, one of the "up" sides of going gluten free has meant that my younger brother is no longer perpetually picking food off the side of my plate! Thankyou for your lovely message. I also eliminated dairy and soy from my diet (the latter appears to have a particularly adverse effect...
  4. Hey guys :-) I'm also a Kiwi going gluten-free...well, have been for a couple of weeks now and am only just starting to feel the benefits :-) (that is, until I destroy it all with gluten as my GI doc demands for the purposes of biopsy in another 4 weeks). Anyway, I just wanted to say I...