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  1. I've been at this a few months. I know my first month I wasn't totally gluten-free but now I feel confident I have been. I decided to eat wheat all day today and see what would happen. I mean, I ate bread, fried chicken, cupcakes, etc and not one reaction. I didn't have to run to the bathroom, I didn't feel sick. The reason I did this was because I am speading extra money being gluten-free, I haven't noticed a huge difference. My anxiety is still up there. Just very small changes. I think even my IBS has been cut down due to my how I normally eat now- no friend foods, etc. My question is, should I have been very ill eating all this wheat today? I had blood tests that had my IGA borderline and with all my stomach problems I went gluten-free. Any advice is appreciated.
  2. I'm confused, can anyone help? I thought that not ALL cinnamon was gluten-free? Because of dyes, etc. I haven't found any info on it here or on the web and have avoided it. Please let me know.
  3. A few friends mentioned the dental school which will be fine for my husband however- I have to be knocked out for at least 4 of these teeth. I wish it was easier for me. I don't know if he's tacking on the cost due to me having sedation or what.
  4. So I worked the nerve up to go to the dentist. The girls at the desk said he could give me an estimate for my teeth with the prior xrays yet when I was there he needed 14 of them which I couldn't pay for. I had a panarex (spelling?) and 2 xrays prior and I guess since they maybe knew my father was paying he would cover it. The dentist said he needed further ones so he could give me an estimate. I almost feel duped now. So at the end, with ALL the xrays, he couldnt even give me ballpark figure but apparently its' $4000 for an implant (I need 2-3) and $3,500 for a root canal which I need 3. Then take on 10 cavities and something he called scaling roots. From what I heard, I am guessing I need $35,000 worth of work. I left there upset. Of course mentioning that figure to my father he got angry and said "Is this guy flying in on an airline every day??". My issue is, I HAVE to be knocked out for some of these. My teeth hurt and I couldn't imagine getting the root canals done minus twilight sleep. Then I have all those xrays which I doubt my father will pay for since he seems upset. My teeth are bad but not $35,000 bad. I have NO dental coverage which is where that figure comes from. My friend said "get them pulled and get dentures" but I am 31. I don't want removable dentures. :^(
  5. That one link brought up a point of saying wheat-free wasn't always gluten-free. Scary because I have bought just products saying wheat-free. The labels confuse me though. What exact things should I be looking for? I think I read MSG can have it too?
  6. Every time I go to the some place other than Wegman's who lablels their foods great or Whole Foods who has a gluten-free section two things happen. I get lost and frustrated. I feel like I can barely eat anything that isn't labeled. I am sure it's because I am a newbie. Giant around me is lame, nothing really gluten-free labeled. I also need to educate myself better- right now I basically only eat something if it's says gluten-free on the package but what exact things besides the obvious wheat do I need to avoid?? What are some quick snacks you get at the grocery store? I saw tonight Fruity Pebbles were ok, I was so happy.
  7. 16 cavities and I have to be in twlight sleep soon to get them fixed. I have an appt. Weds and I am terrified because my teeth are so sensitive air hurts them let alone a drill. My hair has been thinning for about 4-5 years. Always thought it was from having my daughter or horomones but seeing this I guess it's allergy related. So yes, I am there with you. My hygiene isn't perfect BUT neither is my husband's and he's had two problems in years and years.
  8. I also felt strange asking a hostess about gluten-free and now I don't care. It was hard for some reason and even now I still get the "what?" kinda expression but I just say "I'm allergic to wheat"... that seems to help. You are right though- this is about me- not them and I don't wan to eat gluten on purpose.
  9. Amy's makes the dairy-free, gluten-free pizza and I didn't care for it. It wasn't horrible but wasn't great. She makes other products that are good. It's all about finding out what you can eat. I think I am going dairy-free now because of the suggestions on here and I was just getting used to gluten. Gluten can be overwhelming but just like anything you get a hang for it. Plus, a couple recipe books could be a God-send. I'm going to get a Gluten-free Casein-free one soon. :^)
  10. I did ask for the number of the chef who caters it and I still haven't gotten an answer but I will call the main event and see what they can do. I guess I was upset how family was treating me. I have a feeling my huband's mother will be the same way. She announced several times how we have to eat close due to "my stomach" and it hurt my feelings because she suffered from IBS for years and got over it. I haven't taken out dairy from my diet. I am having trouble with that. Right now it seems like the only thing making food enjoyable is dairy with the cheeses, etc. I used to really love food and I am having trouble loving it now. I agree, though, it could other things. I will look into the lab you sent me. Do you have to be on gluten to get it???
  11. So it's week 4 of this diet, no results but I am still trying. I haven't ben confirmed with Celiac, just a borderline IGA level down. Years of suffering, I am trying this diet and seeing if it helps. My husband and I go to a charity function every year with our company. It's revolved around dinner, a very very expenisve dinner which my father pays for. I HAVE to go to represent our newly inherited company (my husband and I) and it's been a tradition for many years. When we were told of the annual invite, my husband mentioned to my father about the concern of gluten-free items and of course my step-mother seemed upset. They mentioned being there being a meat-less menu but that obviously is not the same. Then it came down to "Don't eat but still go or bring a snack bar". The ball is in the city, at awesome old hotel. I literally feel like a queen for the night in gown. I know I have to go but my dad and step-mom's lack of understanding upset me. It was more my step-mom from what my husband told me. What happens if I eat gluten? Do I lose the 4 weeks of trying to be free of it? I don't think I am at the point of getting sick from it (i.e.- vomitting). And I still think I might have just IBS but I have such severe IBS, it could be something more. Anyone deal with family like this? I feel frustrated and confused on what to so. I guess I could just order the filet by itself...
  12. I have the internal and external. After the birth of my son 12 years ago, I got them pretty bad. I was upset being so young and I wanted to get them removed. I would read on the net how much trouble and pain it was to get them removed though and it turned me off. i only get this about twice a year but the blood is scary where I question it. I really appreciated the answers here. I feel discouraged from the diet sometimes, I am one of those instant gratification sort of people even though I can't expect that. It's just frustrating to use the restrooms 10 times a day and barely make it. I think an internal exam could rule out a bunch of stuff though so I might as well go.
  13. I feel like I have something worse than Celiac. As I watched Oprah a few days ago a woman commented on Dr. Oz and how she had constant diarrhea & blood in stool. She went to the doctor's and at 32 found out she had colon cancer, stage 3. Scary! After I gave birth to my kids, they were both HUGE babies (my daughter was over 9 pounds), I got hemmroids which I would consider severe. Here and there after a bowel movement I see red. Maybe twice a year but those are also hurting at the same time. I didn't think too much of it until I heard of the lady who got colon cancer at my age. I'm three and 1/2 week into this diet with NO results and chronic diarrhea. I eat and 10-20 minutes later use the restroom 3-4 times. Should I be concerned? I've always had stomach problems but now I thinking I have something worse. I would have thought this diet would be working for me by now and my husband says I am not giving it a chance.
  14. is this something a doctor can do or order from bloodwork or something else? I'm still getting sick after eating and extreme gas. I'm riding off one borderline IGA level for having celiac. So far no improvements on the diet (3 weeks). I keep thinking if I truly had Celiac or a wheat issue, something would feel better by now because otherwise I wouldn't have it and the diet wouldn't be working.
  15. Gluten-Free for Dummies is a good start too-
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